Scottish papers: Shopkeeper killer and Kezia emails

One story dominates Scotland's front pages - the court appearance of a man accused of killing Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah. The Scotsman reports how Tanveer Ahmed claimed he carried out the killing because Mr Shah had "disrespected the messenger of Islam the Prophet Muhammad".

The National quotes the 32-year-old suspect as claiming there would have been "more killing and violence in the world" if the shopkeeper had not been killed.

The Scottish Daily Mail also reports how the man accused of killing the 40-year-old shopkeeper in the Shawlands area of the city last week said "if I had not done this others would", in a statement read by his lawyer.

The man accused of murdering Mr Shah claimed he stabbed his victim to death because he had "disrespected" Islam, is how the Scottish Daily Express and the Daily Record report the story.

In other news, the Herald says Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has hit out at the "dirty tricks" of the SNP, whom she accuses of leaking her application for an internship with the party when she was a student.

The Scottish Sun says Kezia Dugdale went on the defensive as she was taunted by rivals over what the paper describes as its "bombshell exclusive" that she applied for a job with the SNP.

David Cameron threw the full weight of the UK government machine behind the campaign to remain in Europe last night by announcing a taxpayer-funded leaflet to be sent to 27 million homes, says The Times.

A giant creatures just like the legendary Loch Ness monster has been spotted in a river in England, claims the Daily Star of Scotland.

The Aberdeenshire edition of the Press and Journal carries an interview with a taxi driver who is still haunted by a fatal crash.

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