'World's oldest comic' going on show in Glasgow

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Image caption Glasgow Looking Glass poked fun at political issues and the fashion of the day

What could be the world's oldest comic is going on show as part of a celebration of the "birth" of the art form in Scotland.

Glasgow Looking Glass, first published in 1825, is at the centre of the Comic Invention exhibition at the University of Glasgow's Hunterian Gallery.

Among other exhibits is The Adventures Of Obadiah Oldbuck, which is the earliest US comic, dating from 1842.

And the more recent titles on show include Scooby Doo and Batman.

The comics sit along side work by Glasgow artist Frank Quitely, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein - to highlight their wider influence on art.

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Image caption Artist Frank Quitely also has work on show at the Comic Invention exhibition

Prof Laurence Grove, lead academic for Comic Invention, said: "This is a unique exhibition.

"For the first time, comics are being put on an equal footing alongside artworks by the likes of Rembrandt and Warhol, and that is where they belong."

The university believe Glasgow Looking Glass, printed by John Watson and Co, is the world's oldest comic.

The first edition took a satirical look at the city and poked fun at political issues and the fashion of the day.

The title later changed to the Northern Looking Glass and ceased publishing in June 1826, but its run influenced more publications like Punch which became national institutions.