Scotland's papers: University funding and row over sugar tax

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Scottish universities are facing a funding squeeze that threatens their international status, according to The Herald.

The Scotsman leads with Alex Salmond claiming Prime Minister David Cameron would have "no choice" but to resign if he loses the referendum on the UK's European Union membership.

Kate McCann tells The Scottish Sun she believes missing daughter Madeleine is still somewhere in the Algarve.

The Daily Record leads with a former prostitute giving a harrowing account of the vice industry that "ensnared" her from the age of 17.

Soaring numbers of Scots over the age of 65 are being hospitalised because of alcohol problems, according to The Scottish Daily Mail.

The Times says nursing leaders have criticised the Scottish government for pumping almost £11m into a healthcare scheme for young mothers without "hard evidence" of any positive results.

The National leads with a warning that fizzy drinks companies could sue the Scottish government if it imposes a sugar tax.

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