Most P1 pupils in Scotland learn one foreign language, latest figures show

media captionPupils at Edinbarnet Primary School in West Dunbartonshire sing in Spanish

The majority of pupils in the first year of primary school are learning a foreign language.

The Scottish government said that by the end of this school year, 21 out of 32 councils would have taught P1 pupils an additional language to English.

By 2020, it hoped every pupil would learn an additional language in P1, a second by P5, with the policy continuing until the end of S3.

All councils are expected to achieve the government's 1+2 languages policy.

On a visit to Edinbarnet Primary School in West Dunbartonshire, Minister for Learning, Dr Alasdair Allan, said: "In today's global, multi-cultural world it is more important than ever that young people have the opportunity to learn languages from an early age, to equip them with skills and competencies for the globalised economy.

"We want to ensure the enthusiasm for languages starts at an early stage in a child's education.

"Here at Edinbarnet, it's great to see that happening in P1, at a time when a majority of councils are now meeting the commitment."

Last year, the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (SSA) showed 89% of people in Scotland believed learning an additional language from the age of five was important.

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