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Tennent's lager to display calorie content

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The calorie content of Tennent's lager will be displayed on its cans and bottles in a move to "promote responsible drinking".

It is the first time nutritional information has been printed on alcohol products in the UK, according to drinks firm Tennent Caledonian.

From March, drinkers will be told that a 500ml can of Tennent's lager contains 152 calories.

The detail will also appear on drip mats in pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Alastair Campbell, the managing director of Tennent Caledonian, said the calorie information would help people make an "informed decision".

He added: "There is increasing interest amongst consumers around the nutritional content of the food and drink that they consume.

"We feel that it is a natural next step to include calorie information on our cans and bottles to sit alongside the responsible drinking messaging and number of alcohol units already displayed."

According to Tennent Caledonian, 100ml of Tennent's lager contains 30 calories - the lowest of the major brands.

How many calories are we drinking?


in a pint of lager

  • 64 in one measure of whisky

  • 116 in a standard glass of wine

  • 226 in a bottle of alcopop

  • 335 in a pint of strong lager or ale


Mr Campbell added: "Calorie content is an easily understandable way to help people make better choices about what and how much they consume.

"They can see this information on the foods they eat. We therefore believe that the packaging of our beer and cider brands should carry these details too."

The move has been supported by the Scottish government.

Maureen Watt, the minister of public health, said: "The Scottish government supports any measures which will deliver improved alcohol product labelling.

"Many people are unaware of the calorie content of alcoholic drinks so this is an important step forward in informing consumers and as such, we are happy to support Tennent's commitment today.

"Raising awareness on alcohol labels is an important tool to allow consumers to make informed, positive lifestyle choices, change their drinking habits and drink more responsibly."

Similar information is expected to appear on products including Bulmers Irish Cider and Magners Cider over the next 12 months.

They are manufactured by C&C Group, Tennent Caledonian's parent company.

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