Scotland's 2015 in 15 tweets

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Here's a look back at the 15 most re-tweeted stories from the BBC Scotland news website from the past year.

2015 bounced into action with the tale of man caught riding a space hopper through a Dundee underpass in the early hours of New Year's Day.

As storms hit, our Scotland Live page provided updates of disruption across the country in early January.

In March, a total of 23 people were taken to hospital after a coach crashed off the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful in Argyll.

A meteor hurtling in the skies over Loch Ness was undoubtedly one of the pictures of the year.

And the Northern Lights always prove popular - our readers captured some spectacular shots during this spring display.

It's been quite a year for Andy Murray, but among many big achievements, he also had another very big day.

The political map of Scotland was torn up in 2015 - with the general election turning it SNP yellow.

The final result saw the SNP take 56 out of Scotland's 59 seats.

From yellow to ginger - calls for red-headed emoji grew, but have so far not prevailed.

Austerity and anti-austerity were never far from the political agenda - and in June thousands of protesters rallied in Glasgow's George Square.

"Outstanding universal value" - there can be little argument with the world class bestowed on the The Forth Bridge this year.

No pitter-patter of tiny panda feet, but there was a bit of a to-do with some bamboo.

Why did the crocodile cross the stream? Why indeed.

When you're queuing for a sandwich and you realise George Clooney's got there first.

But among some of the froth, the year ended on a more sombre note, with MPs debating the bombing of Iraq and whether some who opposed it were "terrorist sympathisers".

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