BBC appoints Sarah Smith as first Scotland Editor

Sarah Smith

The BBC has appointed its first Scotland Editor to help bring "more in-depth analysis and context" on big Scottish stories to UK audiences.

Sarah Smith described her appointment as a "very exciting opportunity".

Ms Smith started her career at BBC Scotland and went on to work for Channel 4 News before returning to the corporation.

Her new role will be based in Glasgow and is expected to start in the new year.

The BBC said the new post would "help reflect the re-alignment of UK politics following the general election in May" when the SNP won 56 of Scotland's 59 seats.

The main purpose of the job is to provide enhanced coverage and analysis of significant Scottish stories for a UK audience through the Six and Ten O'Clock News, the Today programme, radio bulletins and the BBC News website.

Ms Smith, who returned to the BBC to front the Scotland 2014 programme ahead of the independence referendum, said she was delighted to take up the job.

She said: "It's a very exciting opportunity at a time when Scottish affairs are so important to our understanding of the whole of the UK.

"I'm looking forward to working with an excellent team who will ensure our coverage of events in Scotland engages our audience across the UK and beyond."

BBC Scotland's recently-appointed head of news Gary Smith, who also starts in January, said: "I'm very pleased that Sarah is joining our top-class team in Glasgow.

"Her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm will be invaluable."

Jonathan Munro, head of newsgathering for network programmes, said: "Sarah is a world-class journalist and analyst whose heart is in Scotland.

"I'm thrilled that she has agreed to join the network reporting team north of the border for BBC audiences across the UK and beyond."

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