New Higher Maths exam - why did the crocodile cross the stream?

On 20 May this year some students taking Scotland's new Higher Maths paper were left in shock.

The revamped exam was designed to fit more closely with the new Curriculum for Excellence, but not all pupils took the new version of the exam this year.

A number of those who did felt it was too hard and did not reflect the style of paper they had been expecting.

Scotland's exams body has now admitted the new exam was too hard and altered the grading of the results.

Image copyright SQA

An online petition had quickly called on the SQA to review grades after the outcry from students, some of whom talked about the stress it caused, being in tears and being concerned over the impact on future studies.

One question highlighted asked candidates to calculate the time taken for a crocodile to cross a river and take down a zebra, travelling at different speeds on water and land.

Other questions included an 16th Century problem about a frog and a toad falling down a well, along with designing a plaque to commemorate Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

How would you have coped with the new Higher Maths? You can attempt the 2015 Past Paper here.

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