BBC Radio Scotland announces changes to its schedule

image captionKaye Adams' new daily mid-morning programme will include more in-depth interviews and build on the existing phone-in format of Morning Call

BBC Radio Scotland's schedule is to change next year to bring more news, debate, comedy and a new weekly music show.

Kaye Adams is to host a new daily three-hour programme, replacing Morning Call and MacAulay & Co.

Starting in March, it will include debates, interviews and phone-ins.

Fred MacAulay will continue to work for the station on a series of comedy programmes.

They include Breaking The News, a new weekly satirical panel show with comedians and journalists recorded in front of a live audience.

Elsewhere, Good Morning Scotland will be broadcast on Sundays and Newsdrive will be extended by 30 minutes every weekday.

Morning Briefing will no longer be broadcast.

All of the new schedule changes will start in mid to late March.

'Discuss and dissect'

The changes are being made to bring more news and current affairs to daytime coverage in line with BBC Scotland's "speech by day, music by night" strategy.

Jeff Zycinski, head of radio for BBC Scotland, said: "Both the Commonwealth Games and the referendum showed us that our listeners want to participate in issues that affect their lives and this move will help them do just that.

"They've told us they want to play their part in questioning the people whose decisions impact on their lives and this move, along with a commitment to new comedy, sport and music, will form the spine of our new schedule."

image captionFred MacAulay said he is looking forward to "a new journey"

Kaye Adams said: "Our listeners often help us get to the nub of any story and their contributions and reactions frequently shed new light on subjects close to their hearts.

"They tell us how things impact directly on them and that way we, in turn, can ask our decision-makers to explain their thinking.

"This new show will allow us to really discuss and dissect the issues of the day and put our decision-makers on the spot."

Extra sports coverage

The new morning programme "Kaye Adams" will be hosted by John Beattie on Fridays, in addition to his existing lunchtime news programme which runs Monday to Thursday.

As well as Breaking The News, Fred MacAulay will host a series of shows from the Edinburgh Fringe and present a documentary on the impact of comedy on politics.

Mr MacAulay, who has been presenting MacAulay & Co for the last 17 years, said: "I am looking forward to taking my radio audience with me on a new journey as I return to my comedy roots.

"I am excited to be hosting these brand new series and working with BBC Scotland and independent production colleagues."

A new two-hour evening music show, Tonight at The Quay, will also be recorded weekly in front of a live audience at the BBC's Pacific Quay building as part of the changes.

There will be extra sports coverage as well, with extended Sportsound programmes and a weekly magazine show focussing on personal fitness.

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