Nicola Sturgeon's first day as first minister

Nicola Sturgeon has begun her journey as the first female first minister of Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon has already taken over the role of leader of the Scottish National Party, after Alex Salmond stepped down.

The next stage in her rise to Scotland's top job came with the backing of MSPs at Holyrood - here's a look at how events panned out.

Visiting time

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Ms Sturgeon began her day with a visit to the the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Among the patients she met was three-year-old Esme Williams, who spent some time with the future first minister in the playroom.

Blast from the past

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In her own younger days, here's Nicola wrapped up well in her pram back in 1970.

Her family say she was the "serious girl" in the family, but wasn't unknown to misbehave a little, cutting the hair off her sister's Barbie dolls.

But an interest in politics blossomed in her teens and years of hard work have taken her from SNP member to MSP, cabinet minister, deputy first minister and now first minister.

Down to business

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On to Holyrood and down to business, and the first step in the day's proceedings was signing the nomination papers.

Ms Sturgeon was nominated by MSPs Joe FitzPatrick and Humza Yousaf.

'Big boots'

In the chamber, there were two nominations for the post of first minister, Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, and Ms Sturgeon.

Ms Davidson told MSPs she was realistic, "for now", that she would not be successful and Ms Sturgeon said there was likely to be not much she and Ms Davidson would agree on, but that having two women standing for first minister was an important symbol for the country.

Ms Sturgeon said there were "big boots to fill" and a "big job to be done" but with parliament's approval she would get on and do it. Ms Sturgeon won the selection vote by 66 votes to 15, with 39 abstentions.

As Alex Salmond looked on from the back, or at least middle, benches after his last day as first minister, the opposition leaders and representatives voiced congratulations and issued advice. Ms Sturgeon said she would be "first minister for all of Scotland".

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Media captionNicola Sturgeon elected as new first minister of Scotland

The appointment to leader and first minister has been viewed as a coronation, but there has been little question over Ms Sturgeon's ability to take on the role.

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Ms Sturgeon's exit was in fact a bit more conventional.

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There are other leadership questions on the agenda in Scotland, and one Labour contender took the time to congratulate Ms Sturgeon.

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As did Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran.

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And back to family - and congratulations from the clan Sturgeon and the first minister's husband, SNP chief executive Peter Murrell.

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World stage

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There are still formalities to be completed - dotting the "i" in Nicola and crossing the "t" in Sturgeon.

But once she has been formally sworn into office by judges, on Wednesday, and her appointment is granted approval by the Queen, Nicola Sturgeon will officially join the worldwide club of women leaders.

And if you want to follow the further chapters in the Nicola Sturgeon story, and full coverage of all of the Scottish political scene, keep up with our Scotland Politics page.

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