Referendum round-up: Eight days to go

It's eight days to go until the referendum and, as the debate is ramping up, it can be be easy to lose track - but we're here to help.

Every day, we'll have a round-up of the big referendum stories, the small referendum stories, and the weird ones from the far-flung corners of the internet.

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So, here's what's been going on today.

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Love you...

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Prime Minister David Cameron has pleaded to Scots to reject independence, saying it's not about the "effing Tories".

Mr Cameron said it's not like a general election where you can make a decision to "kick" the Tories then five years later make another decision.

He also declared: "I love my country more than I love my party".

Meanwhile, Labour's Ed Miliband said the case for the Union came from the "head, heart and soul", while Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg urged Scots to vote "No" as the three party leaders dashed north of the border to campaign.

Team Scotland V Team Westminster

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First Minister Alex Salmond has called today "Team Scotland vs. Team Westminster" after the three main UK party leaders made their appeals.

Mr Salmond said they've arrived in Scotland at this stage because they are "panicking".

He said: "What we are interested in is having a powerhouse parliament that can create jobs for Scotland. What Team Westminster seem to be concerned about is their own jobs."

But he also stressed that the "Yes" campaign wasn't taking anything for granted with just eight days to go until the referendum.

Prescott pulling no punches

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Labour peer Lord Prescott thinks Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to Scotland is probably a "hindrance" to the "No" camp.

He said this after suggesting Scotland and England should join together on the football pitch as "perhaps if England and Scotland together had one team, we could at last beat the Germans - who knows?"

While campaigning in Rutherglen, Lord Prescott said of the Conservative leader: "If he can get rid of the Scots in the Westminster Parliament, he will have an English parliament representing 53 million people against - if you go for separation - five million Scots.

"Do you think they are going to be favourable towards you? No."

Kempaign boost

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There could be 99 commercially viable oil finds by 2045, according to leading oil economist Alex Kemp.

In a paper on the long-term potential of North Sea oil and gas, he also said there could be a further 58 discoveries which would be uneconomic by 2050, but could become viable later with higher oil prices and technological improvements.

His claim comes as Sir Ian Wood - another oil expert - said Scots voters were being "misled and influenced by highly inaccurate forecasts, false promises and misleading information" over future oil estimates.

Major disaster

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Former Prime Minister Sir John Major believes people do not understand the full implications of independence.

Sir John has called a potential "Yes" vote "disastrous for the whole of the UK".

Speaking to the Today programme, he said he was "desperately concerned at what is happening".

The former Conservatives Party leader also revealed he's spoken to a Labour MP who is going to vote "Yes".

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