Salmond v Darling - What the Scottish papers say

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After Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond go head-to-head in an independence debate on the BBC, The Herald proclaims Salmond strikes back.

It says Alex Salmond bounced back with a powerful performance in the second TV debate, just hours before the first postal ballots drop through voters' doors.

The Scotsman says the debate sparked heated exchanges between the two men but a snap poll after the contest suggested 71% thought Mr Salmond had won.

The Daily Record headlines its front page Salmond bounces back.

It says the debate descended into a slanging match but Mr Salmond can claim victory.

The Scottish edition of the Daily Telegraph says Sound and fury as Salmond fights back.

It says Mr Salmond was declared the victor after the showdown descended into an angry shouting match.

And The Scottish Daily Mail pursues a similar line.

It calls it The Great TV Debate Turn-off.

It calls Mr Salmond "arrogant and unstatesmanlike", claiming he bullied his way through the most important 90 minutes of his political career shouting over his increasingly rattled opponent.

The Scottish Sun keeps it simple. It believes "Ecks on top" in the second debate and uses the headline: "Not tonight, Darling".

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