People's Panel: Ronnie Eunson

Image copyright Ronnie Eunson
Image caption Ronnie Eunson is an organic meat farmer from the Shetland islands

Occupation: Livestock Farmer

Lives: Shetland Islands

Voting Intention: Yes to independence

Ronnie Eunson lives in Scalloway on the Shetland Islands, where he farms organic beef and lamb.

As well as chairing the local agriculture cooperative, he has been involved in Scottish Natural Heritage and sat as a board member on the Crofters Commission.

With Norway less than 200 miles from Shetland's most northerly point, Ronnie is hopeful of Scotland drawing closer to and emulating the approach of the Nordic countries post-independence:

"As a Shetlander I appreciate the determination, ambition and self-responsibility of the Nordic models."

Although not a traditional SNP voter he is leaning towards a Yes vote, because he feels it is more likely to deliver the kind of Scotland he would like to see.

"I favour a safe and stable country within Europe for my children. My view is that this vote is above simplistic party politics and that Scotland's future will reflect Scotland's politics."

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