People's Panel: Inga Zaiceva

Image copyright Inga Zaiceva
Image caption Inga Zaiceva is originally from Lithuania and she now manages a charity shop

Occupation: Charity shop manager

Age: 38

Lives: Glasgow

Voting Intention: Yes to independence

Lithuanian born Inga Zaiceva lives in Glasgow where she works as a charity shop manager and is mum to a four-year-old boy.

She settled in Scotland eight years ago when she and her partner fell in love with the country while travelling. She began volunteering in the same charity shop that she manages today.

She plans to vote "Yes" to independence because she think the people of Scotland would be better of making decisions for themselves.

"Scotland is not supported by England, Scotland has its own money, we'd do well on our own. In Scotland our wealth is better, our housing is better, we have free social care - Scotland is better."

However, she still has questions - like who would be in charge in an independent Scotland? She worries she will not be able to get answers to before the vote.

"Whoever is in charge, I would want to make sure that working class people are not forgotten about."

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