People's Panel: Kim Simpson

Image copyright Kim Simpson
Image caption Kim Simpson works in the creative arts sector

Occupation: Cultural arts producer

Age: 31

Lives: Glasgow

Voting Intention: Undecided

Kim Simpson lives in Glasgow where she works as a cultural arts producer.

She isn't fully decided about how she will vote. She says,

"I want discussion to open up around an independent Scotland and how it would be funded - particularly the set-up of becoming a state, the finances. I want a realistic conversation around the challenges of that. "

She says she is currently leaning towards voting "Yes", and she is frustrated at the unwillingness of some already decided voters to engage in frank discussion about the referendum.

"There are people who are a 'No' who don't even want to have a discussion, and 'Yes' people who don't want to accept [independence] will be hard work.

"I hosted a tea party for eight or nine people who had questions, so we could all discuss them together. When both 'Yes' and 'No' people speak you start to disentangle the issues and pin down the sticking points."

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