People's Panel: Fergus Hardie

Image copyright Fergus Hardie
Image caption Fergus runs the family business - a plastics company based in Glasgow

Occupation: Company director

Age: 51

Lives: Edinburgh

Voting Intention: No to independence

Fergus Hardie lives in Edinburgh and runs his own business manufacturing plastics, and has in the past lived and worked overseas.

As 70 percent of his business comes from England he is concerned that independence or the uncertainty around the referendum might lead to some of his customers searching for a new supplier.

He says, "I think that Scotland would be plunged into years of economic problems if we went independent and that relations with England would be severely damaged."

He plans to vote "No" in September and says he enjoys the current set up of being both British and Scottish.

"I have no confidence in the general calibre of our Scottish politicians who between them seen to have no real life experience outside of politics.

"I don't like the SNP's whole approach to the debate, whereby they discount as rubbish any views contrary to their own."

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