People's Panel: John Docherty

Image copyright John Docherty
Image caption John Docherty works in maintenance and industrial cleaning

Occupation: Building contractor

Age: 48

Lives: Glasgow

Voting Intention: No to independence

John Docherty lives in Glasgow with his wife and two grown up daughters.

He finds the amount of unanswered questions and uncertainty surrounding the debate frustrating and says that the campaigns are simply telling people what they want to hear.

While John and his daughters have made up their minds about how they will vote in September, his wife Helen is still undecided.

John feels neither side are providing the necessary information.

"We need to hear why we are better together. But also nothing is for free, and the 'Yes' camp need to tell us how it's going to be paid for."

John is concerned that we cannot rely on oil prices: "I heard George Galloway say on Newsnight that oil has been as low as $10 a barrel, and it's been $156 a barrel.

"There are no facts. What would happen the pound? There is no plan B. The uncertainty is worrying.

"This is probably the biggest decision any of us will make in our whole lives."

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