People's Panel: Hal Osler

Image copyright Hal Osler
Image caption Hal Osler works in fundraising for an Edinburgh hospice

Occupation: Works in voluntary sector

Age: 44

Lives: Edinburgh

Voting Intention: Undecided

Hal Osler works as a community councillor in Edinburgh.

English by birth, she is married to a Scot and has two children - one of whom is 16 and so will be voting for the first time in the Referendum.

She is also involved in fundraising for her local hospice and is particularly interested in how funding in the voluntary sector could be affected by Scottish independence.

Hal is particularly interested in how far reaching the impact of the debate will be: "Four hundred years of history could be changed with one cross on a piece of paper."

She is involved in running a community referendum debate to give local people the chance to ask their politicians about the issues that concern them.

Although she describes herself as undecided, she says she is currently leaning towards a "No" vote.

"I do not have faith in the SNP to deliver us a better way of life then we already have at the moment, and because of that I see no real reason to break up the Union."

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