People's Panel: John Mercer

Image copyright John Mercer
Image caption John Mercer used to work in Edinburgh's financial services sector

Occupation: House husband

Age: 48

Lives: Edinburgh

Voting Intention: Undecided

John Mercer lives in Edinburgh and devotes much of his time to looking after his young sons, and caring for his father who suffered a stroke ten years ago.

He has previously worked for a large financial management company and has also turned his hand to property development.

Indulging his passion for music is how now he prefers to spend his free time, playing the guitar as well as producing music for TV and film.

The family split their time between Scotland and the French-Swiss border, where they are part of the community of St Gingolph on Lake Geneva.

Although still undecided, he says he is erring towards voting "Yes" in September because he says he is disillusioned with the current state of UK politics.

"Despite the Conservatives having little say in Scottish politics I still believe that their influence runs deep and fuels a rich contented minority.

"I'd like change from the current set up as new life needs injected and new ideas are needed for the younger generation in a complex changing world."

He hopes that post-independence Scotland could better itself: "My wife is a director of a large accountancy firm and works on average a 13 hour day. We all dream of a better Scotland."

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