People's Panel: Deirdre Henderson

image copyrightDeidre Henderson
image captionDeirdre Henderson co-ordinates a health project in Campbeltown

Occupation: Health project manager

Age: 43

Lives: Near Campbeltown

Voting Intentions: Yes to independence

Deirdre Henderson lives on the Mull of Kintyre and currently manages a community health project.

She has a passion for the arts, filling her spare time reading, visiting art galleries and previously worked as a theatre stage manager. She also enjoys volunteering, particularly working with young people and issues affecting women.

She has decided to vote "Yes" in the referendum in September because she doesn't think Scotland's views are represented in Westminster politics.

"The priorities at Westminster, for example the privatisation of education, health, prison service, benefits, housing, Royal Mail, and immigration, have differed considerably from the Scottish cultural norms and political outlook for many decades.

"Without full control over key economic levers like the tax and benefits system that independence will bring, the Scottish people have no ability to create a fairer and more equal society for ourselves and our children.

"I would like to see a more Nordic model for our society. The removal of weapons of mass destruction from Scotland also greatly appeals."

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