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The first TV debate between key figures in the independence debate makes the front pages of all the papers.

Under the headline Stale Mates, the Scottish Sun pictures Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling shaking hands after their "scrap" - but says the exchange left voters none the wiser.

The Scotsman says neither man delivered a "knock out blow" with the first minister's vision of a more just society pitted against some forensic questioning from the former Labour chancellor.

The Herald however believes Mr Darling "drew first blood", claiming Mr Salmond struggled to answer repeated questions about the possible currency of an independent Scotland.

"A bloody nose for Mr Salmond" is how the Scottish Daily Mail sees it, saying Mr Darling's questioning "masterfully" exposed the nationalists' lack of a Plan B on the currency issue.

The Times also claims it was "round one" to the Better Together campaign, saying the first minister was booed for failing to say what would happen if it proved impossible to share the pound.

The Daily Record takes a similar view, declaring that Mr Salmond took a "pounding".

Many of the reports include a snap ICM poll commissioned by the Guardian of 512 voters which found 56% thought Mr Darling came out on top, against 44% who said Mr Salmond had won.

But the Guardian also notes there was consolation for the pro-independence side with a separate poll, conducted before the debate, indicating a 4% rise in support for a "Yes" vote.

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