What the Scottish papers say

"Forget about the price tag?" asks the Daily Record over its report that Alex Salmond has outlined his vision of a Scottish utopia.

The Scottish Sun says that, in delivering his vision for Scottish independence, Mr Salmond announced the policies he hopes will convince Scots to vote "Yes".

According to the Scotsman, the first minister described the White Paper as a "mission statement" for the future and claimed independence would trigger a "revolution" in social policy.

The Herald says Mr Salmond pledged an independent Scotland would overcome a "challenging" economic inheritance with an ambitious programme to increase immigration, cut taxes and provide full-time childcare.

According to the Press and Journal, the SNP has pledged to deliver more powers to Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles if voters say "yes" at next year's referendum.

The Courier calls the White Paper "667 pages, 650 questions; One independent vision".

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