In full: Foreign Office response

The BBC Scotland programme Britain's Private War asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a response to the documentary.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "We are working to establish a voluntary, internationally recognised regulatory system for private security companies (PSCs) which will help to raise standards globally.

"This system will be effective and affordable and apply on land and at sea.

"The International Code of Conduct for private security companies has already been signed by more than 460 PSCs, a third of them British.

"The UK is playing a leading role in ensuring that the Code will be effectively monitored.

"Through the Code of Conduct, responsible companies, many of them British, will be able to distinguish themselves from their competitors, win contracts and raise standards around the world.

"It is vital to work in partnership with the industry and other interested parties to effectively prevent abuses by PSCs abroad.

"Domestic legislation is not the answer as companies could easily move offshore to avoid prosecution."