London 2012 Olympic torch relay streets unveiled

Olympic torch relay organisers have revealed the streets on which the torch will be carried in Scotland.

The torch will arrive in Scotland from its tour of Northern Ireland and will be carried from Stranraer to Glasgow.

From Glasgow it will be taken to Inverness, then on a journey to Orkney and Shetland before heading to the Western Isles and onto Aberdeen.

The relay will involve legs between Aberdeen to Dundee, St Andrews to Edinburgh and then to the Borders.

It will also return to south west Scotland briefly after crossing the border into England.

Some of the torch bearers will be young people.

Lorna Linfield, 12, from near Fort William, Lochaber, is due to run with the torch on 9 June, when it goes from Glasgow to Inverness.

The Lochaber High School pupil is a member of a traditional Gaelic music group and helps with a charity called Mary's Meals, which provides school meals to developing countries and fills backpacks with educational materials.

Lorna said: "Someone at school nominated me as I do lots of clubs at lunch-times and I do outdoor climbing, swimming and mountain biking.

"I think the torch might be very heavy. But I'm looking forward to it, it will be really exciting."

Aberdeen resident Morgan Tunney, 20, is also among those selected to carry the torch as it tours Scotland.

She was chosen because of her enthusiasm for volunteering. Since 2009 she has completed over 1,000 hours of charity work.

She said: "I am really grateful that my sister, Alexandria, nominated me and now it feels really surreal to know that I will be taking part in the Olympic torch relay.

"I am excited and nervous at the same time."

Veteran Jedburgh runner John Steede, 70, is still coaching the latest generation of young athletes and was delighted to have been chosen to carry the torch.

"It is a great honour for me and for my family as well and also for the town of Jedburgh which I have been associated with for a long number of years," he said.

"I am now into my sixth decade in running."

Mr Steede said he remembered being inspired as an eight-year-old by seeing US Olympic sprinter Barney Ewell at the Jedburgh Border Games.

"I have really been running ever since," he added.

"I think it is the icing on the cake for me, personally, having been involved in athletics for so long."


Day 21, 8 June

Stranraer to Glasgow [79KB]

Day 22, 9 June

Glasgow to Inverness [40KB]

Day 23, 10 June

Kirkwall to Lerwick [30KB]

Day 24, 11 June

Stornoway to Aberdeen [44KB]

Day 25, 12 June

Aberdeen to Dundee [49KB]

Day 26, 13 June

St Andrews to Edinburgh [54KB]

Day 27, 14 June

Edinburgh to Alnwick [65KB]

Day 34, 21 June

Dumfries to Bowness [65KB]

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