Former nurse Lucille Ferrie faces shoplifting charges

A Broughty Ferry woman who faced flogging over the death of a colleague in Saudi Arabia is to stand trial on two shoplifting charges.

Lucille Ferrie, 46, denies stealing a tub of face cream from a chemist and a radio from a supermarket.

In 1996, the ex-nurse, then Lucille McLauchlan, was sentenced to eight years and 500 lashes for her part in the murder of Yvonne Gilford.

She was pardoned 17 months later and allowed back to the UK.

Her co-accused Deborah Parry, who had been sentenced to beheading after being found to be the main player in the 1996 killing, was also released.

Both women said they were forced to confess to a crime they did not commit and later retracted their confessions.

They were pardoned after so-called "blood money" under Islamic law was paid to Mrs Gilford's family in Australia.

Ms Ferrie had been due to appear at Dundee Sheriff Court on Monday, but defence solicitor John Boyle handed over a letter from a doctor stating that she was too ill to attend.

Sheriff John Mundy ordered a further pre-trial hearing later this month to check if Ferrie will be fit to stand trial.

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