Scottish budget breakdown

Scotland's SNP government has announced its first budget since the party's landslide election win, in May.

Finance Secretary John Swinney has said his spending plans for the next three years are being hit by cuts of more than £3bn, as the UK government seeks to cut the deficit.

Here, is a look at which Scottish government departments get to spend what in the next few years under the budget - worth about £30bn every year - and some of the winners and losers.

Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy

2011-12: £11,466.3m

2012-13: £11,687.9m

2013-14: £11,966.8m

2014-15: £12,184.4m

Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth

2011-12: £3,698.3m

2012-13: 3,684.2m

2013-14: 3,841.4m

2014-15: 4,016.2m

Education and Lifelong Learning

2011-12: £2,604.2m

2012-13: £2,669.9m

2013-14: £2,858.9

2014-15 £2,961.3m


2011-12: 1,264.3m

2012-13: 1,344.1m

2013-14: 1,294.8m

2014-25: 1,243.9m

Rural Affairs and Environment

2011-12: £540.6m

2012-13: £530.9m

2013-14: £511.5m

2014-15: £513.5m

Culture and External Affairs

2011-12: £245.6m

2012-13: £237.8m

2013-14: £232.5m

2014-15: £221.4m

Infrastructure and Capital Investment

2011-12: £2,126.1m

2012-13: £2,225.0m

2013-14: £2,300.3m

2014-15: £2,387.8m


2011-12: £236.0m

2012-13: £214.7m

2013-14: £202.6m

2014-15: £193.5m

Parliamentary Business and Government Strategy

2011-12: £8.2m

2012-13: £6.5m

2013-14: £6.3m

2014-15: £6.0m

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

2011-12: £108.2m

2012-13: £108.1m

2013-14: £108.1m

2014-15: £108.7m

Local Government

2011-12: £11,226.0m

2012-13: £11,153.8m

2013-14: £11,108.1m

2014-15: £11,350.5m

Scottish Parliament and Audit Scotland

2011-12: £95.9m

2012-13: £95.5m

2013-14: £95.5m

2014-15: £95.5m

Who are the winners and losers?

£750m moved from from day-to-day spending to capital investment to help fund £2.5bn of projects to boost the economy

NHS budget is protected, but nursing costs will fall from £148.5m this year to £147.9M in 2014-15

Levy on big retailers, which sell tobacco and alcohol, will be used to pay for "preventative" policies.

Local government in Scotland gets the same money next year that they have had to spend this year.

The housing budget is to fall from £268m to £155m in the next year, although there will be separate funding for 5,000 council homes.

University spending is going up over three years by about £140m, while college spending will drop by £70m.

The public sector pay freeze for those earning over £21,000 is extended by another year, although ministers hope 2012-13 will be the last year it is implemented.

Funding for the A82 upgrade, a new Grampian prison and the new V&A museum in Dundee is confirmed.

The road improvements budget is to fall from £24m to £14m over the next three years.

The culture budget is to fall from £154.6m this year to £132.6m in 2014-15, with free access to national collections deemed a priority.

Scottish Natural Heritage's budget is falling from £60.7m to £53m over three years.

Legal aid spending is to fall from £154m this year to £142.8m in 2014-15.

Spending on criminal injuries compensation is to fall in real terms from £25m this year to £16.2m in 2014-15.

Funding for employability and tackling poverty is to fall by £200,000 over three years.

The employability skills and lifelong learning budget is to fall from £244m in 2011-12 to £226m in 2014-15

The costs of the controversial medical distinction awards for doctors is falling from £26m to £24m per year.

There will be £3m to tackle sectarianism in the next financial year.

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