Scotland says no in alternative vote system referendum

Scotland's electorate has voted "no" in the referendum to change the system for electing MPs to Westminster.

Out of 1,975,558 to cast their vote, 713,813 said "yes" and 1,249,375 said "no".

Figures released by the Electoral Commission showed that Scotland recorded the highest turnout of voters - 50.7% - for the referendum in the UK.

Orkney Islands was the second to declare in the UK, after the Isles of Scilly, with 60.2% for "no".

In Glasgow, the "no "vote won seven of the eight constituencies with the "yes" vote gaining a majority in Glasgow Kelvin by 14,083 to 9,875.

Glasgow Southside saw the closest margin between the two with 11,114 "no" votes to 10,972 for "yes".

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