Online survey begins over police complaints system

image captionNew guidance on police complaints will affect all of Scotland's police forces

People are being offered the chance to comment on how well Scotland's police forces handle complaints.

The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland (PCCS) is running a consultative questionnaire on its website for the next eight weeks.

Prof John McNeill is looking at how long the police take to respond to complaints and how complaints about chief officers should be handled.

The final guidance will apply to all eight Scottish police forces.

It will also affect UK-wide bodies operating in Scotland, such as the Serious Organised Crime Agency and UK Border Agency.

Professor McNeill said: "I want to see the police in Scotland become more effective in dealing with complaints.

"The guiding principles of the six-stage process present a real opportunity to make a positive shift towards learning and improvement rather than blame."

The PCCS said the responses would be feeding into the new guidance on complaint handling, due to be published early next year.

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