EU Referendum

Wales 'extraordinary rejection' of EU

Welsh flag and EU symbol

This is an extraordinary rejection of the EU in Wales, especially in the areas which have received the most EU cash - the south Wales valleys.

The argument from a stunningly successful Leave campaign that "it was our money anyway" clearly worked.

This story is full of huge political miscalculations, most notably at Downing Street.

But the biggest in Wales must be the decision by Welsh Labour to leave it so late to start campaigning to remain in.

By the time they did get out onto the streets of the south Wales valleys, and cities like Newport and Swansea, it was too late.

The narrative of a crisis in immigration had been set and it was like trying to turn round an oil tanker.

There are all sorts of strands but this was about class and money more than anything.

'Masses vs classes'

Leave campaigners told us repeatedly the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire were the most Euro sceptic in Wales, and yet they, and Cardiff, voted to remain.

These are the parts of Wales that regularly top league tables for affluence.

The so-called "left-behind" communities across Wales had their say.

As one pundit said this morning, it was the "masses" against the "classes".

And so this morning, huge questions about the role of a Labour party that has traditionally represented them.

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