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Cambridgeshire EU Referendum results: Cambridge bucks Brexit trend

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Image caption A majority of people in Cambridge and the surrounding South Cambridgeshire district voted to stay in the European Union, in contrast to the rest of the county

Cambridge voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the European Union, while the Fenland district voted to leave.

In the Cambridge City Council district, 26.2% voted Leave, while 73.8% voted Remain, compared to the UK totals of 52% Leave and 48% Remain.

Fenland was 71.4% Leave compared to 28.6% Remain, but South Cambridgeshire also voted Remain.

The other three districts in Cambridgeshire had Leave majorities.

The overall vote in the county mirrored the East region.

Peterborough had the next largest Brexit majority with 60.9% for Leave and 39.1% Remain, while Huntingdonshire was 54.2% Leave and 45.8% Remain and East Cambridgeshire was 50.9% Leave and 49.1% Remain.

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Lucy Frazer, Conservative MP for South East Cambridgeshire, backed the Remain campaign and said she was "disappointed" with David Cameron's decision to resign as prime minister.

She said: "He offered the people a referendum because our relationship with Europe has changed since the last vote, and he honoured that decision."

Nick Clarke, UKIP member of Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "Politicians must listen to the fact that a significant proportion and a majority of those that voted want us to leave the EU.

"What we have to do is make sure we continue trading with all our European colleagues and put the right processes in place to do that."

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