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First West Midlands EU results back leave

Vote leave campaigners in Birmingham
Image caption Vote Leave campaigners celebrated in Birmingham after winning with a less than one per cent margin

The West Midlands has voted to leave the European Union, with the victory margin in Birmingham less than 1%.

The leave campaign won by a hair's breadth in the city, where 50.4% voted Leave and 49.6% Remain.

Cannock Chase, Telford & Wrekin and North Warwickshire were among areas where more than 60% voted to leave - a clear message voters wanted out.

Eurosceptic Bill Cash, Conservative MP for Stone, said the result represented the common sense of the British people.

"They didn't buy the armageddon arguments and above all else they want to govern themselves," he said.

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Image caption Conservative MP Bill Cash, who backed leaving the EU, said British people wanted to govern themselves

There were 223,451 remain votes and 227,251 leave in Birmingham where the turnout was 64%.

The polls were also close in Stratford-Upon-Avon where leave won with a 4% margin.

In Worcester Leave won by 8%, with 29,114 votes to exit the EU and 25,125 to stay in, after a 74% turnout.

EU referendum result: What happens now?

Image caption In Stratford-upon-Avon the leave campaign won by a tiny four per cent margin

Analysis by Nick Watson, BBC Sunday Politics West Midlands

The West Midlands voted decisively to Leave the European Union in yesterday's referendum.

North Warwickshire was the first of the region's areas to declare with a decisive 67% to 33% in favour of Leave.

It proved to be the start of a series of convincing victories across the patch as result after result here backed the Brexit option.

There was some brief respite with Remain coming out on top in Cotswold and Warwick but they were scant reward what was a night of misery for pro-EU supporters.

When Coventry and then Birmingham - by a whisker - backed Leave it became clear that there could only be one winner.

The West Midlands delivered a devastating verdict giving a victory for the Leave campaign on an historic night for British and European politics.

In Cannock Chase there was a huge lean towards leaving the EU from the 71% turnout.

The leave campaign won with 69% after gaining 36,894 votes against 16,684 for remain.

Image caption In Cannock Chase there was a huge lean towards leave which won with 69% after gaining 36,894 votes against 16,684 for remain. The turnout was 71%.

The first West Midlands count to finish, in North Warwickshire, was a taste of things to come as one by one regions followed suit.

A total of 25,385 people voted to leave and 12,569 to remain after a 75% turnout.

A total of 40,817 people voted leave and 38,341 remain of an 81% turnout.

Image copyright North Warwickshire Borough Council
Image caption There was a 75% turnout for the EU referendum in North Warwickshire

In Telford & Wrekin, the leave campaign was also well out in the lead with 63% after a total of 56,649 of votes.

Remain got 37%, with a total of 32,954 votes, and the turnout was 72%.

Image caption The EU referendum count in Birmingham

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