EU Referendum

Wales could make deals with EU after Brexit, says Carwyn Jones

Carwyn Jones

Wales could make its own agreements with the EU if there is a Leave vote in Thursday's referendum, First Minister Carwyn Jones has suggested.

Mr Jones cited EU member states with territories outside the union, such as Greenland and the Canary Islands.

He told BBC Wales he did not trust the Leave campaign's leaders to negotiate with Brussels on Wales' behalf.

But UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill said: "Britain joined the EU together and will leave the EU together."

Mr Jones told BBC Wales: "There's no reason why the EU in the future can't look at having a way of dealing with nations that are not member states and looking at getting agreements with them, why not?"

"If it's possible to do it where a country is a member state, why not if a country isn't a member state," he asked.

Mr Jones said: "If there is a Leave vote on Friday we have to take steps to talk to the EU ourselves in Wales.

"I'm not going to rely on that lot in the Brexit campaign to represent Wales in Brussels, or at all.

"So it's hugely important that we get the best deal for Wales whatever happens."

'Fighting Whitehall for years'

Mr Jones argued that there were no guarantees that aid Wales received from the EU would be matched by UK ministers after a Brexit.

"For years we've been fighting Whitehall for a fair-funding settlement," he said.

Mr Jones was appearing next to Leanne Wood, the Plaid Cymru leader, to call for a Remain vote.

She said: "We are standing here united together, asking people to trust us on this question we because we believe Remain is in the best interests of Wales."

Responded to Mr Jones's comments, Mr Gill said: "Britain joined the EU together and we will leave the EU together.

"And it is Westminster that will argue and fight for the best deal for us.

"But they will fight for the will of the British people and what we've said.

"The links will be retained because obviously Europe wants to trade with the whole of Britain."

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