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Reality Check: Is Labour overwhelmingly supporting EU?

Jeremy Corbyn saying: "The Labour Party's overwhelmingly for staying in."

The claim: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says that the Labour Party is overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU.

Reality Check verdict: The polling evidence continues to suggest that Labour voters still back Remain over Leave in a ratio of two to one. But the polls could be mistaken.

Senior Labour Party figures are campaigning to get Labour supporters to vote to stay in the EU. Getting the backing of Labour voters is considered crucial for the Remain side, and Jeremy Corbyn has said: "The Labour Party's overwhelmingly for staying in."

That's clearly true among Labour MPs - the vast majority of them support Remain, even though there are now ten Labour MPs backing a leave vote in the referendum - up from eight since the last time we looked at this.

John Mann is the latest to confirm his position. Writing in The Sun he says that Labour politicians in Westminster will get a shock on polling day about how Labour councillors and party members vote around the country.

Dennis Skinner has also joined the out campaign, telling the Morning Star that achieving socialist reforms would be easier outside the EU.

One Labour MP has switched away from Brexit. Khalid Mahmood said that the leave campaign's focus on immigration was "negative and narrow minded" and that he would now campaign for Remain to protect workers' rights.

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But what about Labour supporters? Kate Hoey, one of the Labour MPs who backs Brexit, has said that beyond Westminster the picture is different: "We are in a minority in Parliament but we're not a minority in the country in terms of Labour supporters."

What is the latest polling evidence on how Labour supporters will vote? As ever, it's important to remain cautious about polls, especially when looking at how the votes break down between different groups, but it remains true that Labour voters say they're more likely to back Remain than Leave.

Taking an average of the last poll by each company included in the BBC referendum poll tracker gives the following breakdown for people who say they voted Labour in 2015 or who would vote Labour in a general election now:

Remain: 62%

Leave: 29%

Don't know: 9%

(Sources: BMG, ComRes, ICM, Ipsos MORI, Opinium, ORB, Survation, TNS, YouGov)

If you only look at the last 10 polls (which includes a smaller number of polling companies) the figures are:

Remain: 60%

Leave: 31%

Don't know: 9%

(Sources: BMG, ICM, Opinium, ORB, YouGov)

So the polling evidence remains strong that Labour voters still back Remain over Leave in a ratio of two to one. Of course, the polls could all be systematically mistaken.

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