The goat that wants people to vote

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Goats are being used to encourage people to exercise their democratic right in this month's EU referendum.

Facebook users who click on a gif of a cute kid are taken to a website which states: "If you've got time to watch a goat gif you've got 2 minutes to register to vote."

A clock counts down the remaining time left to vote, while goats frolic in the background.


At the time of writing, the goat gif had been shared more than 40,000 times on social media.

Ben Silvertown, one of the creators, explained how the idea originated: "For many young people, Facebook is a place for friends, fun posts and informal content. For that reason, political posts never gain much traction.

"People love gifs, tricking their friends and posting for a good cause, so we thought that would be the perfect vehicle to remind people to register."

And is it working? Mr Silverton thinks so.

"It's appeared on over 2.5 million people's newsfeeds and has driven over nine thousand people to the website to register," he said. "We've had some great reactions."

Including these.

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And why goats? "What's cute, funny and rhymes with votes?"

Voters in the UK have until 23:59 BST on Tuesday June 7 to register to vote in the referendum.

Compiled by Paul Harrison, BBC Social News and UGC team

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