EU referendum: Nicola Sturgeon to take part in TV debate

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Nicola SturgeonImage source, Getty Images

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is to take part in a European Union referendum TV debate next week, it has been confirmed.

The UK-wide ITV debate will take place next Thursday, two weeks before the poll on EU membership.

The two-hour programme is scheduled to be similar to the general election leaders' debates, with the full line-up still to be finalised.

Some reports suggest the Brexit side could include Boris Johnson.

Ms Sturgeon said: "I want to make the positive, progressive case from a Scottish perspective for remaining in Europe."

She added: ''Scotland and the UK benefit enormously from our place in Europe - from important social protections such as employment rights and parental leave to membership of the world's largest single market and I will continue to make the positive case for a vote to remain on the ITV debate and for the rest of the campaign.''

The Scottish Vote Leave campaign says Scotland would get "major" new powers and a bigger budget if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

The campaign claims the UK pays £350m a week to the EU for the "privilege of maintaining its membership" and that Scotland's share was £1.5bn a year.

What TV debates are planned, and when?


  • A live event at Wembley Arena on 21 June with representatives of both sides of the EU debate questioned by voters. David Dimbleby, Mishal Husain and Emily Maitlis to present.
  • Two special editions of Question Time, moderated by David Dimbleby - with Michael Gove on 15 June in Nottingham and David Cameron on 19 June in Milton Keynes
  • A young voters' show from Glasgow was held on 26 May, presented by Victoria Derbyshire


  • David Cameron and Nigel Farage will in turn answer questions from a studio audience in a live programme on 7 June
  • Live TV referendum debate between figures from both sides of the campaign on 9 June. Line-up yet to be announced


  • Two live shows featuring David Cameron on 2 June and Leave campaigner and Justice Secretary Michael Gove on 3 June
  • Each show includes a face-to-face live interview and a question-and-answer session in front of a studio audience

Channel 4

  • Debate on 22 June, the day before the referendum, featuring "politicians, opinion formers and other high-profile pro and anti-protagonists"