Reality Check: How would a Brexit affect UK laws?

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The question: Thandi asks BBC Radio 4's PM programme "How many laws that protect us are we likely to lose?"

Reality Check verdict: We really can't answer this. If the UK left the EU, there would be a very complicated process of "divorcing" the UK and the EU laws. We may want to keep some laws the same as they are now or we may decide to scrap some of them.

If the UK voted to leave the EU, the government would probably review all EU-derived laws to decide which ones to keep or get rid of.

There would be a very complicated process of disentangling the UK and the EU laws, in which we would want to keep some rights the same as they are now, regardless of the fact we are no longer part of the EU law-making processes.

When it comes to human rights, it's important to point out that the European Court of Human Rights is not an EU body. Its job is to uphold the European Convention on Human Rights which was drawn up after the Second World War. The Human Rights Act incorporates the convention into UK law.

So leaving the EU would not affect the UK's human rights laws. In order to change those laws, the UK would have to withdraw from the ECHR and abolish the Human Rights Act.

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