Boris Johnson raises stakes on immigration

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Media captionBoris Johnson: Immigration pledge 'cynical'

Timing can be everything. This morning's immigration figures could hardly have come at a more sensitive time, just when the referendum campaign is moving into a more brutal and frantic phase.

And this morning, the figures show that there was a record number of people coming to the UK from the rest of the EU.

With immigration, and the tension it can put on public services central to the Out campaign, it's not surprising that Brexit's cheerleader-in-chief Boris Johnson has been quick to call the level of immigration a "scandal". But he didn't stop there, but went on to trash the government's entire immigration policy. As you can see by watching our interview above.

He told me the government's target of getting net immigration below 100,000 had been a "mistake" and what's more, it had been "cynical" of David Cameron to suggest it was possible to get to levels like that while still being part of the EU.

Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron are, after all, meant to be in the same party. And Mr Johnson was elected on that same manifesto.

But this campaign is revealing old divisions and creating new ones. This referendum, day-by-day, is making happy Tory unity after the vote very hard to imagine.