Heseltine's stinging attack on Johnson

Lord Heseltine

It takes one to know one - two senior Tories with big hair and big ambition.

Lord Heseltine has torn into Boris Johnson, saying his behaviour and comments in the EU referendum campaign show he is "losing his judgement", "feeling the strain of the campaign" and sinking his own chances of ever becoming Conservative leader.

He told me: "I think that every time he makes one of these extraordinary utterances, people in the Conservative Party will question whether he now has the judgement for that position."

As Boris Johnson might say: "Cripes!" But that doesn't quite begin to cover it. This criticism will sting because even though Boris Johnson insists it is not the case, many of his Tory colleagues believe his calculation to join the Out campaign was entirely because he wants to be the next leader of his party.

For Lord Heseltine, who of course had similar ambitions but was thwarted in the end, to suggest his decision and subsequent behaviour will in fact kill his chances will really hurt.

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The decision before all of us is far bigger than any individual Conservative politician's career.

But the level of bitterness inside the Tory party is hard to ignore. There are only five weeks until we'll all make our choice.

For the country and the Tory party the real disruption might only begin on 24 June.

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