EU Referendum

Church of England produces 'referendum prayer'

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury Image copyright PA

A prayer for the EU referendum campaign has been published by the Church of England.

It calls for "honesty and openness" in the debate and asks for "discernment" for voters.

The prayer was released on Twitter "for use by churches and individuals" ahead of the 23 June vote.

The Church of England is not taking a formal position in the debate - the Church of Scotland and the Church of Wales have both backed Remain.

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Image copyright Twitter/Church of England
Image caption The Church tweeted its EU referendum prayer

Last month Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for a "visionary debate" on the EU referendum and said there was no "correct Christian view" on it.

Archbishop Welby called on those who want to leave the EU to set out what Britain would be like after leaving in a variety of respects, including its international "attitude" and its values.

"And from those who want to stay, how would we change the European Union? How would we make it more effective if we remained in it? What's our vision?" he said.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols - the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales - recently said he believed if the UK left the EU it would face "more complex problems than we would if we were playing an active part with Europe".