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Brexit deal: Did your MP vote for the Letwin amendment?

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MPs have voted for an amendment to the prime minister's Brexit deal which withholds Commons approval until the necessary UK legislation to leave the EU has been passed.

To find out how your MP voted, use the search box below.

The amendment was passed with a majority of 16 votes: 322 to 306.

In response, the government cancelled Saturday's vote on the actual deal itself.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government would introduce legislation, next week, needed for Brexit on 31 October.

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Those MPs described as "Did not vote" in the search above, may have done so for a number of reasons. It could be they wished to abstain, or that they had constituency or ministerial business. The Speaker and his deputies cannot vote and Sinn Fein members traditionally do not vote.

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Six Labour MPs rebelled to vote with the government. Meanwhile, 10 former Conservative independents voted for the Letwin amendment.

Click here if you cannot see the look-up. Data from Commons Votes Services.

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