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Parliament returns for record-setting session

Parliament at night Image copyright Getty Images/NurPhoto

Parliament is now sitting in its longest session since the English Civil War.

As MPs return from recess, it is the 713th day since the Queen's Speech on 21 June, 2017.

This is now the longest continuous Parliamentary session since the Acts of Union in 1800.

The previous record holder was by the Parliament of 2010-2012, during the early coalition years. That Parliament ran for 707 calendar days.

The next two longest sessions were both following Labour election victories and ran for 554 days.

In 2017, the government announced that the Parliamentary session would last two years in order to deal with Brexit legislation.

The 10 longest Parliamentary sessions by calendar days have all taken place in the last 70 years.

With Parliament remaining in deadlock, however, it is unclear how much longer the session may last.

The longest ever time Parliament was in session for was during the English Civil War, between 1642-51.

Parliament is typically prorogued once a year, to allow a new Parliamentary session, followed after by a state opening and then another Queen's Speech.

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