2019 European elections: List of candidates for Yorkshire and the Humber


Elections for the European Parliament will be held on 23 May 2019. Voters will choose 73 MEPs in 12 multi-member regional constituencies. Each region has a different number of MEPs based on its population.

6 MEPs will be elected to represent Yorkshire and the Humber. MEPs are elected by proportional representation, in order as listed by their party. The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d'Hondt, except in Northern Ireland, where the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is used.

Candidates shown in party list order

Change UK

Diana Wallis

Juliet Lodge

Sophia Bow

Joshua Malkin

Ros McMullen

Steve Wilson


John Procter

Amjad Bashir

Michael Naughton

Andrew Lee

Matthew Freckleton

Sue Pascoe

English Democrats

David Allen

Tony Allen

Joanne Allen

Fiona Allen


Magid Magid

Alison Teal

Andrew Cooper

Louise Houghton

Lars Kramm

Ann Forsaith


Richard Corbett

Eloise Todd

Mohammed Khan

Jayne Allport

Martin Mayer

Alison Hume

Liberal Democrats

Shaffaq Mohammed

Rosina Robson

James Blanchard

Sophie Thornton

James Baker

Ruth Coleman-Taylor

The Brexit Party

John Longworth

Lucy Harris

Jake Pugh

James Heartfield

Andrew Allison

Christopher Barker

The Yorkshire Party

Chris Whitwood

Mike Jordan

Jack Carrington

Laura Walker

Bob Buxton

Dan Cochran


Mike Hookem

Gary Shores

John Hancock

David Dews

Graeme Waddicar

Clifford Parsons