2019 European elections: List of candidates for the South East


Elections for the European Parliament will be held on 23 May 2019. Voters will choose 73 MEPs in 12 multi-member regional constituencies. Each region has a different number of MEPs based on its population.

10 MEPs will be elected to represent the South East. MEPs are elected by proportional representation, in order as listed by their party. The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d'Hondt, except in Northern Ireland, where the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is used.

Candidates shown in party list order

Change UK

Richard Ashworth

Victoria Groulef

Warren Morgan

Eleanor Fuller

Robin Bextor

Nicholas Mazzei

Suzana Carp

Phil Murphy

Heather Allen

Diane Yeo


Daniel Hannan

Nirj Deva

Richard Robinson

Mike Whiting

Juliette Ash

Anna Firth

Adrian Pepper

Clarence Mitchell

Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky

Caroline Newton


Alexandra Phillips

Elise Benjamin

Vix Lowthion

Leslie Groves Williams

Phelim Mac Cafferty

Jan Doerfel

Larry Sanders

Isabella Moir

Oliver Sykes

Jonathan Essex


John Howarth

Cathy Shutt

Arran Neathey

Emma Turnbull

Rohit Dasgupta

Amy Fowler

Duncan Enright

Lubna Arshad

Simon Burgess

Rachael Ward

Liberal Democrats

Catherine Bearder

Antony Hook

Judith Bunting

Martin Tod

Liz Leffman

Chris Bowers

Giles Goodall

Ruvi Ziegler

Nick Perry

John Vincent

The Brexit Party

Nigel Farage

Alex Phillips

Robert Rowland

Belinda De Camborne Lucy

James Bartholomew

Christopher Ellis

John Kennedy

Matthew Taylor

George Farmer

Peter Wiltshire

The Socialist Party of Great Britain

Mandy Bruce

Raymond Carr

David Chesham

Robert Cox

Michael Foster

Stephen Harper

Neil Kirk

Anton Pruden

Andrew Thomas-Emans

Darren Williams

UK European Union Party

Pacelli Ndikumana

Clinton Powell


Piers Wauchope

Liz Philips

Daryll Pitcher

Martin Brothers

Tony Gould

Clive Egan

Troy De Leon

Alan Stone

Judy Moore

Patricia Mountain


Jason McMahon

David Round

Michael Jeffrey Turberville