Brexit: How did my MP vote on taking control?

MPs in Parliament

MPs have backed cross-party plans to hold a series of votes to help determine the next steps in the Brexit process. The measure was passed by 329 votes to 302.

It means that MPs can take control of the agenda in the House of Commons on Wednesday when they are expected to vote on a series of different ways forward, known as indicative votes.

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The amendment had been tabled by Conservative MP Sir Oliver Letwin and Labour MP Hilary Benn. Three ministers resigned from the government to vote for the proposal; Richard Harrington, Steve Brine and Alistair Burt.

In total, 30 Conservative MPs voted for the measure, with eight Labour MPs voting against.

In a victory for the government, MPs voted against a proposal from the former Labour Cabinet Minister Dame Margaret Beckett for Parliament to vote on a no-deal Brexit or a delay to leaving the EU, should the UK find itself seven days away from leaving the European Union without a deal.

In the third and final vote of the debate, MPs voted to approve the government motion as amended by Sir Oliver Letwin. It was the second government defeat of the night.

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