How did my MP vote on Brexit delay?

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MPs have backed a delay to Article 50 on a third night of votes on Brexit in the House of Commons.

The motion, put forward by the government, passed by 413 votes to 202.

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The main motion was backed by MPs from across the political spectrum, but most Conservative MPs voted against the government. These included seven Cabinet ministers.

  • Liz Truss
  • Gavin Williamson
  • Liam Fox
  • Stephen Barclay
  • Andrea Leadsom
  • Chris Grayling
  • Penny Mordaunt

Chief Whip, Julian Smith abstained.

All three amendments to the government's motion that were voted on by MPs were defeated.

An amendment on a second referendum brought by a cross-party group of remainer MPs was voted down by 334 votes to 85. Forty-one Labour MPs rebelled against their party whip which had ordered them to abstain. Twenty-four backed the motion, and 17 voted against. One Labour MP voted in both lobbies and is counted as an abstention.

An amendment allowing MPs to take control of the commons process to hold a debate on a series of indicative votes, was defeated by just one vote, 314-312. Six Labour MPs voted against their colleague, Hilary Benn who put forward the amendment.

MPs also rejected the Labour Party's amendment. This rejected the Prime Minister's deal and asked for parliamentary time to find a majority for a different approach to Brexit. It was defeated by 318 votes to 302.

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How did your MP vote on previous Brexit debates?

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