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Brexit motion: How did my MP vote?

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Theresa May has been defeated again in a Commons vote on Brexit as MPs voted by 303 to 258 against a motion supporting the government's approach to negotiations with the EU.

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MPs were asked to endorse the government's approach but instead rejected it by a majority of 45.

Two other questions were voted on:

A Labour amendment to give MPs a vote on the withdrawal agreement by 27 February, or, require the government to allow MPs to vote on - and amend - its planned next steps. This was defeated by 16 votes.

And the Scottish National Party amendment that the government request a postponement of the Brexit date by at least three months. This was also defeated.

Conservative MP Anna Soubry withdrew her amendment to ask the government to publish the most recent official briefings on the implications for business of a no-deal Brexit. This came after Brexit Minister Chris Heaton-Harris promised to meet with Ms Soubry and said the government would publish some of the information.

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How did your MP vote on previous Brexit debates?

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