Leaving the EU: What do you want Parliament to do?

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'The politicians' job is to sort something out'

It's not just the MPs who say they will reject Theresa May's deal that have their own ideas on what Brexit should look like - up and down the country the voters have very different visions of the UK's departure from the EU.

With the vote just hours away, various BBC programmes have been canvassing their views.

'That makes me feel a little bit sick'

Great Yarmouth has the fifth-highest leave vote in the country. Michael Cowan, reporting for BBC Two's Victoria Derbyshire Programme, returned to the town.

Seafood stall owner Darran Nichols George told him there was nothing in the deal for his industry and accused Theresa May of trying to "appease them [the EU]".

At a knitting workshop Sharan Clifton Brown said she wanted to see the prime minister's deal pass but admitted "that makes me feel a little bit sick".

Another knitter, Linda Clifton, agreed the deal should pass, adding that if it is rejected "we're back to square one".

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Great Yarmouth: The town that wants a no-deal Brexit

Best of three?

Speaking during a BBC Radio 5 Live daily phone-in Your Call, Lynne from Swansea acknowledged that she found the EU "irritating" but said: "I think we would be fairly mad to withdraw ourselves."

She said she wanted a second referendum adding "I'm happy for it to be best of three by the way."

Susan from Derby described the UK's entry into the EU as "a vanity project" of Edward Heath - the prime minister at the time.

"Since then, there have been too many incidents where things have not been to the benefit of this country," she argued.

She called on MPs to ensure that Brexit happens describing the issue as "a question of sovereignty".

"We want to take back what I think we've lost," she said.

'No-ones happy'

BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat sent Rick Kelsey to speak to people in Boston in Lincolnshire - another area that voted strongly in favour of leaving the EU.

Rose Breakspeare, 25, a trainee veterinary nurse voted out and expressed frustration at the "bickering of MPs".

"There's a lot of arguing back and forth, back and forth and no-ones happy," she said.

"It's taking longer than expected, it's drawn out."

Barber shop owner Karwen Hassan said only 25% of the customers are English and worried that in the event of Brexit he would have to close the shop.

"There's not going to be any more customers," he said, adding: "Going out is going to make everything worse."

'The fastest way to get back to business as usual'

Business owner Naomh McElhatton told 5 Live she wanted a deal but said the current one wasn't "good enough".

She suggested extending Article 50 to July to enable "a proper deal" to be reached.

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Another business owner - Kris Ingham from Wandsworth - said he wanted to see the deal go through, arguing that it would help end uncertainty.

"Voting the deal through would be the fastest way to get back to business as usual," he said.

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'We're all on the outside looking into the bubble'

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