Smiling Macron and May pose for selfie

Image source, Emmanuel Macron

Theresa May illustrated her new "entente chaleureuse" with Emmanuel Macron by tweeting a smiling "selfie" with the French president.

The two leaders finished their summit with an evening reception at London's Victoria and Albert Museum on Thursday.

It looks like Mr Macron took the selfie with Mrs May with V&A guests.

Earlier he said the UK and France were "making a new tapestry together" but hinted at sticking points ahead over negotiations on a Brexit trade deal.

Mrs May tweeted that they had been "proud to celebrate the extraordinary values and the talented people who link our countries".

She added: "More than a century on from the 'entente cordiale' [friendly agreement] let us celebrate our own 'entente chaleureuse' [warm agreement]."

The photo was posted on Mrs May's official Twitter account on Friday morning.

The prime minister was not the only one posing for chummy photos with the French president. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also tweeted a "thumbs up" photo with Mr Macron with the message: "En marche! Great meetings with French counterparts today."