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Tuesday 24 July

Daily Politics highlights: Neil, Sampson, Anand and Coburn

Peter Bone and Stephen Pound get mood box view

Monday 23 July

What is Labour doing about anti-Semitism?

New political party and splits in existing ones?

Sunday 22 July

Sunday Politics: The highlights

Stella Creasy calls for NI abortion reform

Nadine Dorries: Chequers deal is not acceptable

Nicky Morgan: We need Brexit healing process

Is Theresa May a leaver or a remainer?

Friday 20 July

Luis Walker reads Theresa May reply to Orkambi request

Campaign for drug to help people with Cystic Fibrosis

Update on the drug Orkambi

How many Muslims are there in the UK?

Political advertising on the web?

PM asked about pairing in the Commons

Pairing vote in the Commons: Elgot

Pairing in the Commons: Baldwin

A two-horse race

PM on visit to Northern Ireland

Baldwin on choices

"Who actually is in charge of no deal?"

Deal or no deal

Barnier meets Raab

Rising knife crime numbers

Thursday 19 July

Communism - romanticising a murderous ideology?

Tory whips 'blackmailing' MPs on confidence vote

What was on offer in EU referendum?

Deal or no deal?

New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab off to Brussels for talks

Do Labour want May to stay

Voter ID

FT journalist on Tory Party

Suzanne Evans on Tory troubles

What action could Labour take against Margaret Hodge?

Vote Leave fines

Not taking it very seriously

Wednesday 18 July

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

"None of this is that surprising"

Andrew and Laura on 'pairing' over Brexit vote

Why did Brandon Lewis vote on Tuesday night?

Stephen Hammond on Chequers Deal

Trainspotting and the Good Life?

Cultural allusions

Anti-Semitism issues in the Labour Party

Looking different?

Back to 1990, long before even #bbcdp came on-air.

Andrew's final words on his final #bbcdp

Tuesday 17 July

What's going on?

Nadine Dorries on Tory splits

Is Theresa May the right person to lead the party?

End of the Chequers deal?

View from the left on Brexit votes

Dorries on Soubry speech

Shaheen on Soubry speech

Brexit debate: Tory v Tory

Where was the Lib Dem leader for the Brexit vote

Shaheen on Lib Dems missing Brexit vote

UK collecting EU tariffs but not asking for reciprocal arrangement

Fines for Vote Leave

Whistleblower on referendum spending

Recess vote or no recess vote?

Reaction to Trump comments in Helsinki

Reaction to Trump-Putin talks

Reaction to calls to move Parliamentary recess date forward

Monday 16 July

Compulsory voting for first-time voters?

Do MPs back Rick Edwards on compulsory voting?

Finland and Nato

What's going on in Helsinki with Trump and Putin?

Media view of US President

Brexit Minister on UK relations with US and Russia

Good news that Putin and Trump are talking?

Trump and Putin meeting in Helsinki

Was minister 'strong-armed' and considering resignation?

Greening on a no-deal outcome in Brexit

Labour and a second referendum

What Justine Greening said about PM last week

Suella Braverman on Brexit

Justine Greening on Brexit

Was Suella about to resign?

Sunday 15 July

"Theresa May is a Remainer that has remained a Remainer"

Does Theresa May's Brexit plan have Leave support?

Brexit Minister explains when he first learned about the alternative White Paper

"White Paper is a bit of a dogs dinner"

Sunday Politics: Story of the Week

Friday 13 July

What is the common rule book?

MP on the 'special relationship' and dog whistle politics

Boris Johnson as a great PM?

The Sun's interview with US President

Mirror journalist on 'loose cannon'

White Paper Wheel of Fortune

Trump protester

Fox on Trump

Back to the wheel of jargon

Why are some Tory councillors not campaigning for Brexit deal

MP asked about Chequers agreement

Fabricant tweet

Trump supporter on Sun interview

Will Scotland welcome President Trump?

Protests against international leaders?

Is Trump using his Scottish links?

Final visit to the wheel of jargon

Thursday 12 July

John still believes

White Paper on post-Brexit deals

Former minister on Brexit White Paper

What do Brexiteers want?

Pienaar on Brexit talks

Cleverly on trade deals

Tory vice chairman on Tory resignations

Key campaign issues

Nato's future and defence funding

Labour view on defence spending

Corbyn view of defending other Nato members

"He is going to get the welcome he deserves"

Republican Overseas on Trump visit

Jones: The far right is on the march across Europe

Pressure on policing

Policing protests with fewer police

Trump baby

Wednesday 11 July

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

'It does not, in my view, deliver Brexit'

Brexit maths vote

Andrew Neil with 'Harold Macmillan'

The common rule book?

Labour and Brexit

Labour and customs arrangements and tariffs

UK military spending

Labour and Nato

Let's hear it for England

Tuesday 10 July

Is Brexit going well or badly?

'Lull' and 'respite' says BBC assistant political editor

Former Johnson adviser

Conservative MP on 'frustration' and 'concern'

Former May adviser

Fallout after the Chequers agreement

Boris Johnson's record

Brexiteer on Brexit

'she went a little bit too far with the compromises'

Sort of Michel Barnier

Irish reaction to UK stance on Brexit

Technology on the border

Time to intensify the negotiations

Will Brexiteers get to change Brexit policy?

Deal or no deal? Priti Patel

Who is to blame for speed of Brexit talks?

Tusk queries if Brexit is coming home

Umunna v Eustice on (lack of) Brexit policies

Deal or no deal? Chuka umunna

Monday 9 July

'We have all been blindsided by this policy'

Baker: Childish nonsense issued by Number 10

David Davis resignation letter

Baker on his resignation

Baker on Brexit deal

BBC political editor on Brexit

Is the PM safe?

Labour and Brexit

'Very hard to see them backing the final deal

Leave Means Leave co-chairman

Brexit resignations?

Leadsom on resignation rumours

Leadsom on freedom of movement

Leadsom on Davis and Brexit

Preferential treatment for EU citizens after Brexit?

Deal or no deal with the EU

Labour MPs invited to Downing Street

McDonald on Tory and Labour policies

EU powers over UK after Brexit

'This is self-inflicted chaos'

Bye bye from the bulldog

Sunday 8 July

Reaction to President Trump's UK visit

Barry Gardiner: Second EU vote means more uncertainty

Tory deputy chairman on the PM's Chequers deal

Lord Mandelson backs second EU referendum

Friday 6 July

What and where is Chequers?

Security and solidarity on the Daily Politics

Nigel Evans on red lines

Tory peer on Chequers summit

Lots of red lines

Is that a wheat field?

Any resignations to come on Friday?Daily and Sunday Politics highlights of 2018

What's in the box?

A view from Brussels

Labour and anti-Semitism

Trump baby to float over London

Danny's football stats

Thursday 5 July

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

BBC security correspondent on Wiltshire poisoning

UK-Russia relations

Warning from UK's biggest car firm

Conservative MP on Brexit

Corbyn supporter on Labour policy

TaxPayers' Alliance on Brexit

Wollaston on Brexit policy

Brexit solutions?

Doctor's fears about privatisation

Social insurance for health and social care

How to fund health services

More reforms to health services?

Wednesday 4 July

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Work and pensions secretary on universal credit report

What are the allegations against Vote Leave?

Tory MP on referendum allegations

Labour MP on referendum allegations

Reaction to McVey statement

Mogg meeting the chief whip

Brexiteer asked about single market and regulatory allignment

Another view of midday

Mogg on customs deal and tariff allignment

Mogg on the direction of the PM


Tuesday 3 July

Another EU referendum?

How did MP keep shadow ministerial post over Article 50 vote?

Hague's warning to Brexiteers

Flossing with Ed Vaizey

Ed's friends

Labour MP on Tory handling of Brexit

Brexit: Conservative v Conservative

Ed Vaizey on cost of Brexit

Owen Paterson on implementing Brexit

BBC assistant political editor on Brexit

Monday 2 July

Talking Brexit with BBC assistant political editor

Update on German politics

EU focussing on migration

What is the EU focussed on?

How would NHS cope with a no-Brexit deal?

A Tory revolt over Brexit?

Could Article 50 be extended?

Brexit compromises?

Sunday 1 July

Farage responds to Brexit market manipulation allegations

Reforming transgender rights

IDS on international trade

Jeremy Corbyn on military funding

Friday 29 June

Is a Northern Ireland border poll coming?

"Not breakfast, Jo, Brexit"

EU leaders meeting in Brussels

Reaction to PM's message on security

Labour MEP on UK security

Could Labour back another referendum?

Who was UK MEP backing in England-Belgium game?

Second referendum?

What was agreed overnight in Brussels over migrants?

Will there be a border poll in Ireland and N Ireland?

Does Sinn Fein think a Tory NI minister would allow border referendum?

Commentator on border poll

What did Elsie make of it?

Does Elsie know who will win the next England game?

Thursday 28 June

Who will fund back pay for overnight carers?

Dating app to get voters loving politics

Dating apps to reach potential younger voters?

Wednesday 27 June

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

New way of choosing a council leader

'Different parts of Airbus talking different languages'

Labour MP on a no-deal

Norman on haulage permits and trailer registration bill

The big issue of the day - wood stoves!

Labour and Brexit

Collective responsibility

Talking 'woke' and 'melt' on the Daily Politics

Tuesday 26 June

Heathrow 'focus on the Boris pantomime'

Johnson voters bothered about him missing vote?

Compensation call for pardoned gay men

Monday 25 June

Hands had expected 'free vote' on Heathrow

Willson's call to reduce fuel duty

'We've probably saved £100bn in fuel duty'

Labour MP on Heathrow vote

Conservative MP on Heathrow vote

Conservative MP on missing foreign secretary


IoD on business and Brexit

Ahead of Radio 4 documentary Monday 8pm

Sleepless nights?

Labour's housing plans in Salford

Sunday 24 June

Chris Hopson on proposed NHS budget plan

Can Remainers change a Brexiteer's mind?

Friday 22 June

Two years since the EU referendum

Love Islander's questions about Brexit

Thursday 21 June

Tommy Robinson court case coverage examined

Heading towards a full-blown trade war?

Brexit debate: Villiers v Blomfield

Cheers to Alice Bacon!

Wednesday 20 June

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

"Power, trust and arithmetic"

The Conservative rebel

The Labour rebels

Tory MP on Brexit

Labour MP on Brexit

Health minister on NHS spending

Health minister asked about future spending

Downing Street tweet

Andrew Neil sums up PMQs

BBC political editor of the 'gloss' of the Brexit vote

Tuesday 19 June

MP: 'Absolutely' easy for teens to buy drugs

Surprise name for Brexit talks?

Is William Hague right? Hitchens

Is William Hague right? Lucas

700,000 people sign petition so boy can take cannabis oil

What did PM tell mum of epileptic son?

Andy McDonald MP whose son died from intractable epilepsy

'My son is six-years-old with severe epilepsy, he is not a political football'

Where will extra money for NHS come from?

Who is Damian Green?

Is there a Brexit dividend?

Behaviour in Parliament

Damian Green on leaving government

The centre ground

You should just get on board”

Remember the days when we actually won elections

Does Labour set out its policies?

Common ground in the Labour Party?

“Are you a Marxist?”

Monday 18 June

Five reasons to 'celebrate' bank bank closures

Should bank branch closures be celebrated?

How would you re-invent your county council?

Not a fan of forecasting

Negotiating a Brexit deal

Time to say goodbye?

Conservative peer asked if she is there to 'frustrate Brexit'

Conservative peer on second referendum

He was on Daily Politics, not Match of the Day

An update on upskirting bill

Labour and Tory spending plans

NHS spending increase under the most recent PMs

NHS and the 'Brexit dividend'

Tory Live?

An image from Labour Live

Labour MP on Chope

Tory MP on Chope

Outside Christopher Chope's office

Reaction to NHS funding announcement - Kinnock

"Is it a Brexit bonus?"

PM's announcement on NHS funding in England - Blanchard

PM's announcement on NHS funding in England - Hardman

Sunday 17 June

Dominic Grieve: "We could collapse the Government"

Buckland will support amendment tabled by government

Sunday Politics goes to Labour Live

Paul Johnson: "There is no Brexit dividend"

Jon Ashworth on NHS funding pledge

Friday 15 June

Lewisham by-election result

Winning candidate in London by-election

Will Watson stay as deputy leader?

Julia on Universal Credit

Paul on Universal Credit

15 mins in to the programme and no mention of....

Sandbach: Cabinet members 'undermining' PM

Conservative peer and former minister Francis Maude on Brexit

Maude on PM's power on Brexit policy

MP on campaign for upskirting law

A week of World Cup, migration and a gravy train

View from EU on Westminster handling Brexit

Brussels watching Westminster

EU role in migrants arriving by boat

Migrants heading into EU states


What is Galileo?

Politics of the World Cup

Thursday 14 June

Collins watches Banks before select committee

What the PM said about immigration in 2010

Chief political correspondent on Labour and Brexit

'I am not prepared to say they were wrong, to say they were uniformed'

Laura Smith on Brexit vote

What if we have another referendum?

Labour MP asked about 'hard Brexit', single market and customs deal

Labour MP on voting with Jacob Rees-Mogg

World Cup in Russia starts in a few hours

Robbie Williams at the World Cup in Russia

Moments from the #Grenfellanniversary service

Wednesday 13 June

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

What did happen in Parliament on Tuesday?

Parliamentary mathematics with Newton Dunn

Tory Minister on Brexit votes

Soubry on Brexit votes and promises

Why did PM meet MPs?

Labour view on Brexit votes

Have Brexiteers been meeting over promises to Tory rebels?

Nigel Evans on Brexit

Perry on Bercow

SNP MPs on Daily Politics

What happens now after SNP walkout on EU debate?

BBC political editor and SNP Westminster leader

Who is sovereign in this?

Who is going back in to the Commons?

What now for Westminster-Holyrood relations?

Labour MP on a Brexit deal the party could back

Tuesday 12 June

Political editor on resignation of Conservative minister

Striking workers want to keep all tips

Who should get restaurant customers' tips?

'I am not going to any tip any of you'

Brexit minister Robin Walker

Minister on Brexit vote and policy

Stephen Hammond on Brexit vote

How will Stephen Hammond vote?

Pupils watch MP's TV interview in Central Lobby

Shadow Brexit minister on Tuesday's vote

Labour on freedom of movement

Labour customs union, single market and immigration policies

Monday 11 June

President in Singapore for Tuesday's meeting with North Korean leader

Reaction to Trump tweets

Disputing the level of tariffs

How quickly can you judge someone?

Labour MP asked about Brexit vote

Conservative MP on freedom of movement

Russian influence on Brexit vote?

Alleged links between Brexit campaigner and Russian officials

Reaction to PM's Evening Standard interview

Tory vice-chair given task of improving range of diverse candidates

Diversity in politics

Online guide to getting rid of your MP

How to get rid of poor MPs

Inside new flat for ex-Grenfell residents

Grenfell residents still waiting for new home

Sunday 10 June

Love Brexit Island

Ken Clarke: Brexiteers holding PM to ransom

Dominic Raab on backstop plan

Caroline Flint and Chris Leslie argue on the EEA

Damian Collins on Arron Banks and the Russian embassy

Friday 8 June

Johnson on Trump

Johnson on Hammond

What did the foreign secretary have to say?

Bone on Johnson comments

Call for sackings

Peter Bone wants 'more Brexiteers in government, not less'

EU reaction to UK publishing Brexit stance

Best of Britain launches campaign for second referendum

Support for second referendum?

Twitter trolling

SNP has a new deputy leader

Referendum timing

Scottish independence and polling

Labour backs 'safe standing' at bigger football stadiums

Hillsborough families 'don't want safe-standing'

One year on - What's happened since the election

Thursday 7 June

Daily Politics meets Love Island

Young people prefer Love Island to Oxbridge

Are hoteliers right to criticise AirBnb?

Automation threat to millions of low paid jobs

How will Irish abortion vote affect Northern Ireland?

Former Conservative leader on Stormont and NI abortion laws

Should Westminster get involved in NI abortion laws?

Supreme Court rejects appeal on Northern Ireland's abortion law

Director of CLASS - the Centre for Labour and Social Studies

Any Tory leadership campaigns underway?

Neale Richmond on negotiations

A view from Brussels on the UK Brexit stance

Political editor's update from Downing Street

Where does the UK government stand?

Brexit talks on the Daily Politics

Irish Brexit spokesman

IDS on David Davis position

Former Conservative leader on Brexit update

This tweet could soon be out of date!

Wednesday 6 June

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Labour's Brexit stance - 1

Labour's Brexit stance - 2

Conservative Brexit stance - 1

Conservative Brexit stance - 2

Crime stats in England and Wales on the rise?

Conservative on rising crime figures

Labour policy on policing numbers

Tuesday 5 June

Nadine, how will you be voting?

Labour's transport spokesman on rail problems

Nadine Dorries answers with rail puns

Transport secretary's future

Tory MP on abortion laws

Labour MP on abortion laws

Abortion debate will test UK political relation

Young Labour London vice-chair and rep for NUS Postgraduate students

Professor Tim Bale of Queen Mary University London,

Critics have accused the campaign of being anti-police

Is Lush smearing the police service?

'Sexual health crisis across England'

Brexiteer on Brexit vote

Spectator's Political Editor James Forsyth.

Will Theresa May survive?

Dorries talks of Javid as future Conservative leader

Monday 4 June

Assistant Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain

MP on Muslim Council claims of Islamophobia claims in Tory party

Labour MP on parties' handling claims of racism

How dog tried to destroy Thorpe documentary

'I want to see more disabled people in work'

What's it like being partially-sighted in Parliament?

Life after Brexit

What happens if there is no UK-EU deal?

A Very English Scandal

Why did Gwent Police think Andrew Newton was dead?

Any point investigating Scott-Thorpe case?

Independent reviewer of terrorism legislation Max Hill.

Reaction to Sajid Javid speech on terrorism

MPs to debate a planned ban on the sale of ivory.

Daily Politics mixed with Antiques Roadshow

Sunday 27 May

Mayor on Manchester Arena Attack one year later

Justice Minister on jobs for prisoners

NHS spending: Could tax rises be on the way?

Chair of the Commons Health select committee on NHS spending

Corporation tax not enough to cover NHS spending

Friday 25 May

New case for an independent Scotland

Livingstone, Javid, Red Arrows, and NHS

Brokenshire: There were some pretty dark moments

What are those GDPR e-mails about?

There won't be a snap election in 2018 as this MP won't allow it

IndyRef2 polling

SNP publishes its vision for the Scottish economy

Stephen Kinnock on Brexit (and coffee)

Why has MP left her junior government role?

Will the government deliver on Brexit?

Labour and Brexit policy

Thursday 24 May

Health spending comparisons

Former minister on health spending

Centre-right think tank on health spending

Banks and health spending

How much will public pay for more health spending?

Why are there so few black Oxford students?

Oxford came in for criticism on its record on accepting black students

Toby Young on his resignation six months ago

Young: No question I was targeted by twitter mob

Which taxes will public back for more NHS money?

Authored film from newspaper editor

Brexit slides

Labour members to get Brexit vote?

Labour Leave reaction to call for Brexit vote

Carry on Brussels: Labour MEP Seb Dance

Carry on Brussels: UKIP MEP Gerrard Batten

MEPs after Brexit: Seb Dance

MEPs after Brexit: Gerard Batten

Wednesday 23 May

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

UK government's immigration target

Immigration figures

Life after Brexit

Post Brexit policies

What happens if people refuse to work?

Fishing after Brexit

UK fishing policy after Brexit

Tuesday 22 May

Conservative MP offers 'political gossip' and talks political promises

JRM on immigration

Fake news and fake apps

The next Conservative leadership contest

Reaction to Livingstone leaving Labour

Ken Livingstone's political legacy

JRM on the PM

Highlights of Rees-Mogg's political career

Abortion debate: Rees-Mogg v Swinson

Brexiteer challenged on international trade deal

28-year-old: I am not your typical lord mayor

Monday 21 May

Labour reaction to Salisbury poisoning

UK government turning blind eye to money laundering?

Social media history

Ben Bradley's past on social media

Welsh FM on timing of standing down

Welsh FM on single market

Welsh FM on Brexit

Carwyn Jones told Welsh Labour Conference he would step down

Italian politicians negotiating to form government post-March election

Dealing with online abuse

What can Westminster do about online abuse?

A third of young people have experienced cyber-bullying, survey finds

Parties trying to appeal to younger voters

Parties trying to appeal to younger voters

Sunday 20 May

John McDonnell on post-Brexit economy

Margot James on re-nationalising rail services

Mark Regev on Gaza violence

Saeb Erekat on an independent inquiry

Should the UK become a republic?

Friday 18 May

Rat trap threat to the hedgehogDaily and Sunday Politics highlights of 2018

What will guests be doing on Saturday?

Setting the scene in Windsor

What did the Speaker say about Commons leader?

Theresa May and the 'backstop'

Aarti Shankar from the thinktank Open Europe

Can Parliament make Dominic Cummings appear?

Alex Jennings who plays the part of Peter Bessell

Should hedgehogs become symbol of UK?

What links the transport secretary to hedgehogs?

Save the hedgehogs!

Thursday 17 May

Love or hate Punch and Judy politics at PMQs?

Why traditional political map is being redrawn

Trump and Stormy Daniels - Peterson

Trump and Stormy Daniels - Hazarika

Maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals reduced to £2: Zarb-Cousin

Maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals reduced to £2: Littlewood

Daily Telegraph had the splash in Thursday's paper

Brexiteer on UK-EU customs

Changing demographics affecting voting patterns Neil O'Brien

Changing demographics affecting voting patterns: hazarika

How did Jordan Peterson become so well known?

Peterson on trans women

Advice for future PMs and opposition leaders

Wednesday 16 May

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel, Stephen Crabb

Shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon on Middle East violence

Countdown to Brexit

Has the government decided what its immigration policy will be post-Brexit?

Another EU referendum?

White Paper or Gren Paper?

Why is Labour against Britain staying in the European Economic Area?

Tuesday 15 May

Why is social media talking gammon and slugs?

Are slug, gammon and melt offensive terms?

Violence on Israeli-Palestinian border

A spokesman from the Israeli embassy here in London

Turkish President to meet Theresa May in Downing Street

Turkey's Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci.

Brexit update from deputy political editor John Pienaar

Tory MP on Brexit talks

Demos director on future UK-Ireland border plans

Beef about Brexit

Monday 14 May

'Not having a teacher of the deaf inconceivable'

Threats to funding of teachers for deaf children

Legalising cannabis 'would starve criminals'

Drugs debate: James Price v David Raynes

Commentator on Brexit: Jessica Elgot

Commentator on Brexit: Christopher Hope

Nick Clegg on Brexit votes

Why are Clegg, Miliband and Morgan speaking out?

Ed Vaizey on Brexit

MEP Hannan on Brexit talks

Caroline Flint on Brexit and Clegg

Opening of new US embassy in Israel

MP asked about role of drugs minister

Fantasy Front bench online

How to pick a new Cabinet to run the country

Sunday 13 May

Lucy Frazer on the criminal justice system

Tessa Jowell's powerful speech

Is the criminal justice system in crisis?

Baroness Chakrabarti: anti-Semitism and Ken Livingstone

Ken Clarke on Irish border

IDS on the Irish borderFriday 11 May

The political week in 60 seconds

After the loss of a child

Is Brexit driving us round the bend?

Revealed: Tory guide to winning Instagram

Why are some MPs moving on to instagram?

Do politicians understand social media?

Co-founder of Leave.EU, Arron Banks

Co-founder of Leave.EU, Arron Banks

Political motivation claim behind Leave.EU fine?

Housing rental payments are not recorded by credit reference agencies

How political is the Eurovision Song Contest?

Shipbuilding in 1982 and 2018

Thursday 10 May

Talking political chess in Middle East politics

Could Brexit really affect sat navs?

Hennessy on the flags of history

Lord Henneesy on Brexit votes in House of Lords

Jacob Rees-Mogg on peers and Brexit

Alison McGovern on peers and Brexit

Brexiteer on customs union membership

Minister on PM's picture being removed by university

UK and EU in security spat

Age and experience in politics

Wednesday 9 May

Prime Minister's Questions: The verdict

British military veterans face action over killings during NI Troubles

Labour reaction to plan that could see former soldiers face action

Iranian journalist Amir Taheri

Former British ambassador to Iran Richard Dalton

Brexit and Tories

Brexit and Labour

BBC political editor on single market and customs union vote

Labour's policy over future trade deals

Longer transitional period?

What did Labour manifesto say about Brexit?

Talking Leveson 2 and looking back to Leveson 1

Tuesday 8 May

What happens to farming subsidies after Brexit?

Farming minister on a customs union

Farming minister George Eustice on subsidies

£25,000 handout on 25th birthdays?

£10,000 payouts for everyone when they are 25

200th birthday of Karl Marx

Smith on Corbyn

Owen Smith on Labour MPs speaking against party policy

What now for the UK and EU?

Former chancellor on future UK-EU trade deals

Owen Smith and Lord Lawson on UK-EU deal

Civil servants and Brexit

Lord Lawson on Greg Clark

Labour MP on trade deals after Brexit

Trump supporter and spokesman for Republicans Overseas, Drew Liquerman

PM's spokesman asked about Boris Johnson

Sunday 6 May

Anna Soubry on a customs union

The 12 hour election road trip

Barry Gardiner on anti-Semitism

Friday 4 May

England local elections 2018 coverage

Thursday 3 May

Unveiiling of Fawcett statue

450,000 women not invited for breast cancer screening appointments

Helpline number

Political messages lost in translation?

Autism: Disability or neurological difference?

Why is there a lower minimum wage for younger people?

Should younger people have a lower minimum wage?

BBC chief international correspondent on Syria

Newsnight's Chris Cook on allegations against the Speaker

Chaplain to the Speaker, Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Are MPs scared to speak out against the Speaker?

Wednesday 2 May

Allegations against the Speaker?

Brexit document

Raab on Brexit policy

Labour's Brexit policy

Hostile environment policy and Windrush

Labour's immigration and deportation policy

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Jeremy Hunt in the Commons

BBC political editor on breast screening statement

Tuesday 1 May

Hinds: These are going to be tough elections

Batten: A lot thought UKIP's job was done

Hinds: These are going to be tough elections

Michael Howard on the Brexit Deal

Hodge: Anti-money laundering measures 'morally right'

Polling the British people

Pollister on immigration issue for voters

Advice from behind the scenes

Managing political expectations?

The Lib Dem campaign for local council seats

Parliament pays tribute to Michael Martin

Johnny Ball: Think of a number?

Monday 30 April

Thornberry: Tories have grown 'complacent'

Should Sajid Javid change UK immigration policy?

Bartley: Where Greens lead, others follow

Amber Rudd's resignation letter

Reaction to Rudd resignation

Cleverly on Rudd

Cleverly on Javid

Cleverly on Rudd's competence

Rudd on the backbenches

Labour reaction to Rudd resignation

Gardiner on immigration targets

Gardiner on Labour and Tory immigration policies

What does Sajid Javid have to look forward to in new role?

BBC political editor on Sajid Javid

BBC political editor on phrase used by Sajid Javid

Sunday 29 April

Louise Haigh on Amber Rudd

RMT boss on rail strikes and Chris Grayling

The beginners guide to the Customs Union

Bernard Jenkin on Customs Union

Friday 27 April

BBC economics editor on UK growth figures

Wadsworth expelled from Labour Party

UK economic growth: Philp and Reynolds

Thornberry's political hero: Barbara Castle

Political week in 60 seconds

MP wants people to wear bright pink for Trump visit

Drew Liquerman of Republicans Overseas Scotland

Trump visit to the UK

Unpaid internships?

Thursday 26 April

BBC home affairs correspondent on immigration target

Should Amber Rudd have known of immigration targets?

Shadow women and equalities secretary on home secretary

Brent and Jones on immigration

Head of Europe and Trade Policy at the Institute of Directors

Former Brexit minister on post-Brexit UK

Conservative Sarah Woolaston on customs union vote

When politicians are told it's time to go

Amber Rudd's future

Union boss on anti-Semitism claims

New Statemen's political editor on Len McCluskey article

Labour on Labour: Williamson v Leslie

An amnesty for UK's illegal immigrants?

Immigration amnesty

Wednesday 25 April

Prime Minister's Questions: The verdict

PM on Stephen Lawrence

Labour leader on Stephen Lawrence

Amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for ten years: Leadsom

Amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for ten years: Dowd

Brexit and the Irish border: Leadsom

Customs union and confidence: Leadsom

Labour and a customs union: Dowd

Labour and anti-Semitism Dowd

Claims from Labour candidates: Dowd

Update on Labour's Worcester candidate

Tuesday 24 April

Should language be protected in law in the same way as race/religion?

Should Welsh language get legal protection?

SNP view of legal protection call for Welsh language

Waspi women get noisy about their pension

SNP policy role to Waspi campaign

Government reaction to Waspi campaign

Sarah Pennells from the personal finance website Savvy Woman

SNP MP on Windrush immigration

Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement Louise Ellman

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith on peers and Brexit

SNP on second referendum?

Lib Dem deputy leader on second referendum

The first statue of a woman in Parliament Square has been unveiled

Monday 23 April

Why is a council giving out virtual assistants?

Where women seek help from domestic abuse

Mary Mason, CEO of a charity which runs refuges across London

Conservative MP on Housing, Communities & Local Government select ctte

BBC assistant political editor on Brexit votes

Raphael Hogarth from the Institute for Government

Conservative MP Bob Neill who supports staying in a customs union

MPs on Brexit votes

Chief Executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Conservative MP and Labour MP on Windrush

Labour MP on reaction to her attending anti-Semitism event

Joseph Finlay, a member of Jewish Voice for Labour

Sunday 22 April

Prince Charles right person to be the next head of the Commonwealth?

Tobias Ellwood on the Windrush scandal

Windrush scandal: Facing the threat of deportation

Will the action in Syria taken by the UK, France and US stop Asaad from using chemical weapons?

Anneliese Dodds on Windrush row

Anneliese Dodds on anti-semitism in Labour

Friday 20 April

Art made from a load of old rubbish

A county of picturesque poverty?

Polly and Camilla get heated on the Brexit vote

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell on Windrush immigration

Some of this week's publicised Windrush cases

Polly and Camilla on UK immigration policy

Thursday 19 April

Commonwealth heads of Government meeting gets underway in London

Lord Lawson talks Brexit

Lord Lawson on the common schedule of external tariffs

Ken Clarke on customs union and Irish border

Could Ken Clarke change his mind on Brexit?

Youths of today review Rivers of Blood speech

Why is Billy Bragg off to meet bankers?

Political conspiracy theories

Why it is easier to learn about conspiracy theories today?

Billy Bragg on voting record

Billy Bragg on Labour Party policies and dealing with anti-Semitism

Conservative activist present at Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood speech

Billy Bragg on Enoch Powell 1968 speech

Conservative MP on Windrush immigration and deportation claims

Wednesday 18 April

US-N Korea summit - Conservative reaction

US-N Korea summit - Labour reaction

Windrush immigration: Alan Duncan pt 1

Windrush immigration: Alan Duncan pt 2

Windrush immigration: Alan Duncan pt 3

Labour and anti-Semitism pt 1

Labour and anti-Semitism pt 2

Labour and anti-Semitism pt 3

Hands-free Big Ben

Prime Minister's Questions: The verdict

Tuesday 17 April

Background to the Windrush generation

Windrush: Home Office 'just did not believe me'

Soapbox film: 'We have forgotten how brilliant Brexit is'

Whelan and Dugdale debate Brexit

Training for a political marathon

Chris Williamson questions Syria chemical attack

MPs on Syria action

Alok Sharma and Kezia Dugdale on child tax credits policy

Feras Shehabi, an MP for Syria's second largest city Aleppo

Some highlights of Kezia Dugdale's career

Former Scottish Labour leader on Richard Leonard and Jeremy Corbyn

Monday 16 April

Windrush Kids told: Don't approach Home Office

Minister: We have made some mistakes

Knife crime 'not just a black-on-black problem'

Knife crime in London - Edward Adoo in studio

Another EU vote?

Do voters want another EU vote?

Do people want another EU vote?

SNP Westminster leader on UK military action in Syria

Conservative MP and former soldier asked about air strikes

Labour MP asked about air strikes

Easter recess

Daily Politics returns on 16 April

Thursday 29 March

See you after Easter

1 year to Brexit: Farage v EU Supergirl

Should the UK ban the sale of fur?

How will Brexit affect Gibraltar?

Brexit promises

CBI and the gender pay gap

Gender pay gap stats

Talking vaping

12 months from Brexit - montage

Nigel Farage talks Brexit

Hard to escape Brexitcast this weekend!

12 months to Brexit: Adam Fleming

Tory deputy chairman asked about election literature

Labour MP on Christine Shawcross

Times journalist on head of the Labour Party's disputes panel quitting

Wednesday 28 March

UK/EU hard border 'could take years'

Lucas: Something rotten in our democracy

Nandy: PM must get a grip on child abuse claims

PM: Bullying and harassment on social media

Corbyn challenges May on mental health spending

MP asked about anti-Semitic image and party leader reaction

Labour MP asked about health spendiing

Conservative MP asked about health spendiing

Reaction to Parole Board chairman Nick Hardwick resigning

Chairman of the Parole Board, Nick Hardwick, has resigned

Tuesday 27 March

Lord Patten: Rees-Mogg's views have not changed since he was eight

Is politics cool for young people?

What next for the British high street?

Baddiel: Anti-Semitism 'invisible' to Corbyn

West Midlands Mayor on migration targets

McDonald: It's ridiculous how long anti-Semitism cases take

Migration Advisory Committee chairman: Employers are worried

Monday 26 March

Has Corbyn tackled anti-Semitism in Labour?

Vote Leave activist: Allegations 'nothing to do with Brexit'

How should we pay for the NHS?

'Leave won - uphill and into the wind'

'Time for rival parties to work together on NHS funding'

Reeves 'saddened and distressed' by anti-Semitism criticism of Labour

Jewish Voice for Labour activist defends Corbyn

Jewish Leadership Council explains criticism of Corbyn

Sunday 25 March

Cambridge Analytica-linked firm 'boasted of poll interference

Andy McDonald 'sorry' to see Owen Smith go

Andrew Mitchell on Cambridge Analytica and SCL Elections

Health Minister Steve Brine on NHS pay

World's Best Teacher talks to the Sunday Politics

Friday 23 March

Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald on post-Brexit border

'Time to shine a light' on pay gap

Should England boycott the World Cup?

Nicola Sturgeon on her political hero

Thursday 22 March

Advice on how to become, and stay, prime minister

Who can travel and settle in UK after Brexit?

What happened to petition to allow 6-year-old to get medical cannabis?

Councillor who has defected from Labour to the Conservatives

Labour launches local election campaign

12 months after the Westminster attacks

Will French firm make new blue British passports?

Theresa Villiers on transition deal

Theresa Villiers on transition deal - immigration

Theresa Villiers on transition deal - new EU laws

What about #deletefacebook?

Freedom of movement in transitional period: Evans

Freedom of movement in transitional period: Bastani

Wednesday 21 March

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Looking at PMQs claims about Tories to CA and SCL

Struggling to sleep?

Fishing on the River Thames

Pay rise for NHS workers in England

How to raise more money for the NHS

Liz Truss on pay rise for NHS staff in England

Anneliese Dodds on pay rise for NHS staff in England

Shadow Treasury Minister, on UK-Russian relations

Congratulating President Putin?

Tuesday 20 March

380,000 sign petition to give 6-year-old cannabis

Sir Patrick Stewart backing Alife Dingley

Statement from Nick Hurd

Why do so few fathers take parental leave?

Should more men take paternity leave?

BBC reporter on Cambridge Analytics claims

Shadow digital minister on Cambridge Analytics claims

Reaction to UK-EU 'implementation period' deal

Tory MP on fishing rights

Labour MP on UK-EU deal fishing rights

Maria Miller, who chairs the Equalities Select Committee

Labour to announce new general secretary

Prosser and Williamson on new Labour general secretary

Parliament spending £10,000 to straighten Portculllis House fig trees

Monday 19 March

Bernard Jenkin on Brexit deal

Helen Goodman on Brexit deal

Irish political correspondent on Brexit talks

Adam Fleming in Brussels on UK-EU Brexit agreement document

What now for Brexit deal?

Future of RT in the UK?

MP asked about Labour view on Russia

Chantelle Millward on Orkambi drug for cystic fibrosis patients

MPs look at Orkambi use and petition on Monday afternoon

Shock collar: Letts threat to take dead dog to Gove

Should shock collars be banned in England?

Are one million children going to lose right to free school meal?

Sunday 18 March

Labour's All Women Shortlist for trans women decision delayed

Alan Duncan: 'All countries must stand up to Russia'

Cooper: 'Implausible' to say Russia not involved in poisoning

Hilary Benn on delaying Article 50 deadline

Friday 16 March

MEPs angry over new head of EU civil service

60 second guide to European political week

Should religion affect faith schools' selection?

Will changing school selection affect cohesion?

Memes from the Russian Embassy in the UK

Reaction to tweets from the Russian embassy in London

What will EU do about UK-Russian relations after Salisbury poisoning?

Times' political sketchwriter on defence secretary speech about Russia

Expert on Russian foreign policy from the Institute of Global Affairs

Labour's shadow security minister on Russia

Thursday 15 March

Chancellor unveils first Spring Statement

International reaction to UK-Russia relations

Can real numbers of child sex victims be known?

'The sky has not fallen in since the referendum, has it?'

Global response to UK-Russian relations

John Woodcock on Labour reaction to PM Russia statement

Corbyn supporter on Labour reaction to PM Russia statement

PM in Salisbury

Professor Ian Robertson, an authority on power

John Sweeney on being trailled in Russia

Jack Straw admits: I am not a psycho

Jack Straw on Jeremy Corbyn and national security

How reliant are the UK and Europe on Russian gas?

Wednesday 14 March

May statement: PM expels 23 Russian diplomats

Corbyn statement: Labour reaction to Russian diplomatic expulsions

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Richard Galpin in Moscow

What could the PM announce in her speech?

Future of RT broadcasting in the UK?

Looking at Labour leader reaction to the Russians

What the PM said about Russia

BBC political editor on Russian statements

Who was responsible for Salisbury poisoning?

The former director of Britain's intelligence and security agency GCHQ

Foreign Office Minister Alan Duncan on UK-Russia relations

Andrew Neil asks about future UK-Russia relations

Tuesday 13 March

Chancellor unveils first Spring Statement

McDonnell: Hammond cut off from real world

Has austerity been worth it?

Debt, deficit and UK economic figures

BBC economics editor on Hammond speech

BBC political editor on UK-US-Russia relations

What did Tillerson say about Russia?

BBC diplomatic correspondent on sacking of Tillerson

What are UK allies prepared to do about Russia?

How have Russians responded to UK PM statement

Monday 12 March

Comic Relief makes Africans 'victims to be pitied'

What image does Comic Relief give of Africa?

Why are lecturers on strike?

Examining figures behind striking lecturers' pension

Graduate suing university for giving her a "Mickey Mouse degree"

Anyone looking forward to the Spring Statement?

Political week ahead

Head of Russia programme at foreign affairs think tank Chatham House

The National Security Council is meeting in Downing Street

Motion about the Speaker's behaviour

Westminster bullying accusations against the Speaker

Debbie Abrahams removed from front bench

Sunday 11 March

Jack Straw on Russian spy poisoning

Baroness Neville-Jones on Russian spy poisoning

Attracting students to the Conservatives

Sam Gyimah on attracting students to the Tories

Friday 9 March

Why is the US raising tariffs on some imports?

Saudi women's rights 'going forwards'

Professor Robert Kelly, an expert in Korean affairs

Donald Trump to meet North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un

Some reckon they know what made people in EU referendum

BBC home affairs correspondent on military arriving in Salisbury

Newsnight investigation finds Commons clerks have been mistreated

Thursday 8 March

What happens to high street prices after Brexit?

Is Brexit affecting shop prices yet?

Should wolf-whistling women be a crime?

UK reaction to Russian spy poisoning claims

Henry Bolton on new political party

Labour MP on disputed Corbyn claims about Saudi action in Yemen

Labour MP on life expectancy figures

Conservative MP on life expectancy figures

Life expectancy in England and Wales

Chief executive of the New Economics Foundation

Wednesday 7 March

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Was Andrew talking to Debbie or Deborah?

Minister asked about rough sleeping figures

Labour MP asked about leader's claims on UK role in Yemen war

Ahead of chancellor's speech

What is the UK doing about Yemen and Saudi Arabia?

Does Putin watch the DP?

Labour MP asked about UK-Russia relations

Conservative MP asked about UK-Russia relations

Tuesday 6 March

How dictators hang on to power

The dictators that Martin Bell has met

'Student choice' on gender neutral uniform

School boys in skirts and trouser-wearing girls?

Some voters will have to provide identification

Will ID requirement affect voting figures?

Foreign secretary's urgent question on UK-Russia relations

Reaction to Munroe Berdorf appointment and resignation

Villiers on Thatcher statue in Parliament Square?

Thewliss on Thatcher statue in Parliament Square?

Labour MP on UK reaction to claims of Russia action in UK?

Why will no-one claim responsibility?

The collapse of a former Russian agent convicted of spying for Britain

Monday 5 March

CPRE suggests new homes in northern England

Minister challenged on affordable homes figures

Soapbox: House of Lords to become People's Chamber?

Soapbox: Should 400 ordinary people replace Lords?

Expert on Irish cross-border relations and EU integration

Coming up this week

Too much cherry and cake?

Labour MP asked about customs union policy

MP asked about PM's speech

Sunday 4 March

Andrew Gwynne: Bad decision for government to rule out 'a' customs union

Lord Howard on PM's Brexit speech

Nicky Morgan on May's Brexit speech

David Lidington on government's housing announcement

Friday 2 March

May on Brexit: Life is going to be different

After PM's Brexit speech: Steve Baker

After PM's Brexit speech: Anna Soubry

After PM's Brexit speech: Reynolds and Trevelyan

What did the PM have to say?

Thursday 1 March

Film: What do British businesses make of Brexit?

Debate: What will Brexit mean for British businesses?

Brexit to bring back Champagne pint bottles

Conservative MP on local government funding

How are councils coping with loss of funding?

Council tax rises in England

Conservative MP on Brexit effect on Northern Ireland

McFadden and IDS on Brexit details

Labour MP on Brexit effect on Northern Ireland

Theresa May meeting European Council President Donald Tusk on Thursday

BBC correspondent on Mosley and Watson links

Wednesday 28 February

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Barry Gardiner: Whistle for it?

Munroe Bergdorf appointed to LGBT+ advisory group by Dawn Butler

Where would UK stand over trade policy after Brexit?

Labour and a 'bespoke' customs union agreement

Coffey asked about Camden/Westminster border quote

What is Boris Johnson talking about Irish border?

How is the European political weather looking?

Tuesday 27 February

'Draining me dry' on mortgage changes

Changes ahead for mortgage interest support

Do councils waste money and spend too much on senior staff?

Bristol view on a 'Westminster Brexit'

Pressure on the PM?

Nigel Evans on Liam Fox speech

Labour mayor on Labour Party leadership

Former Labour MP on state of party today talking 'Bodysnatchers'

Looking at council funding

The way ahead for Irish border after Brexit

Who has a veto over Brexit talks

Tuesday's guest of the day - Bristol mayor Marvin Rees

Vice President of the European Parliament and Irish MEP

Future of the Irish border after Brexit

Bristol mayor on Brexit policy

BBC asst political editor ahead of Liam Fox's speech

Monday 26 February

Should 12 year-olds get the vote?

Reaction to new Labour customs union policy

Soapbox: Turned blind eye to cruelty inflicted on sheep

Will MPs back call to end live animal exports?

A new bill to limit the cost of some energy bills is being introduced

Will Conservative MP vote against party on Brexit?

Guess what's coming up this week in Parliament?

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey in Coventry pt 2

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey in Coventry pt 1

Sunday 25 February

Iain Duncan Smith on the customs union

Iain Duncan smith warns Tory Brexit rebels

Frank Field on opposing Labour's Brexit policy

Stella Creasy on Labour's Brexit policy

Should Theresa May be worried about the local elections in May?

James Brokenshire on his return to parliament after lung surgery

Friday 23 February

'Rees Moggs' crowd out Remain bus visit

What will happen to tariffs after Brexit?

Will gay marriage be allowed in Northern Ireland?

MP's bill to extend equal marriage to N Ireland

Political heroes: Cable on Roy Jenkins

MEP Roberto Gualtieri from European Parliament's Brexit steering group

Dominic Grieve talks Brexit

Adam Fleming in Brussels

What did they have for dinner?

Thursday 22 February

Immigration debate: 244,000 too high?

Immigration numbers

Unemployment has increased but wages rise

Political plotters confiding in new phone app?

Faiza Shaheen on Brendan Cox

Pet policies?

Which party has purr-fect policies for pets?

Amess and Pollard talk dog-whistle politics?

Bone: What happens to EU citizens who arrive in transition period?

BBC assistant political editor on Brexit

Wednesday 21 February

Prime Minister's Questions: The verdict

'A' and 'the' customs union differences-

Minister asked- Corbyn betrayed his country-

Andrew and Andrew and Steve on the Daily Politics

Looking in to the political crystal balls

Brexit minster asked about rights for migrants after Brexit

What happens in transition period?

What now for Brexit?

Andrew Gywnne asked about Jeremy Corbyn comments

Tuesday 20 February

Anonymity for rape defendants?

Explainer: Anonymity for rape suspects

Why is press still writing about the Corbyn 'spy' claims?

Director of the Czech Security Services Archive on the Labour leader

Challenge to press coverage of Corbyn Czech spy claims

How to make a dramatic political resignation

BBC chief political correspondent in Vienna

Explainer: The road to Brexit

60 years of the CND symbol

IDS on a change in tone?

Employment laws and regulations

Debating workers' rights

Monday 19 February

New pro and anti Brexit groups launched

Labour MP on Corbyn Czech spy tabloid claims

Soapbox film: Women should exploit their 'erotic capital'

Soapbox debate: Exploiting 'erotic capital'?

David Willetts on university fees

Conservative MP on Brexit

Labour MP on Brexit

What's the situation now with student fees in England?

What did we miss last week?

Why did leader leave Renew press conference?

A new boundary review?

February recess

Programmes off-air while Parliament was not sitting

Sunday 11 February

Labour's plan to bring public services in-house: Will it work?

Sunday 11 February

Labour's plan to bring public services in-house: Will it work?

Brexit: Hannan and Malhotra go head-to-head

Andy McDonald: Railways will be nationalised 'at no cost'

Daniel Hannan: What should our end relationship with the EU be?

Seem Malhotra: What should our end relationship with the EU be?

Friday 9 February

Time to stop changing the clocks across Europe?

Brexit update

Celeb hairdresser advice for the US president

The appeal - or not - of Jacob Rees-Mogg

Fat cat payments in local government?

'Mrs Miggins who wants her bins changed up in Blackpool'

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Hero or villain?

Funding local councils

Does hard Brexit mean hard borders for UK?

Catching up on a chilly European week

If you wondered what spitzenkandidat meant...

Thursday 8 February

MP: Time to commission new Royal yacht Britannia

Where does Labour stand on Brexit

'Ultra Remainers don't want to listen to voters'

Welcome to the Daily Politics in Welsh

'It's time that Parliament modernised and had these rules in place'

Allegations of sexual harassment and bullying at Westminster

Wednesday 7 February

We pay male and female guests the same - nothing!

The PM will chair the first of two meetings of her Brexit war cabinet

Andrew Neil and Greg Hands on Brexit

Andrew Neil and Rachael Maskell on Brexit

Minister asked about customs union during transition

Labour asked about customs union after transition period

International entrants are not allowed

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Andrew summing up PMQs

BBC political editor reviews PMQs

Tuesday 6 February

Parliament: A front line for suffragettes

Time to renationalise the railways?

Katie Price calls on MPs to make online abuse criminal offence

'Could you be in the party led by Jacob Rees-Mogg?'

Greening on Soubry comments

Tory MP on the customs union

The company running the East Coast Mainline is handing back franchise

Donald Trump took to twitter

US view of the NHS

Former equalities minister on gender equality

Feminist writer on suffragettes and feminists

Hunger strike for PR

Monday 5 February

Halfon on political abuse

Berger on political abuse

What's coming up in politics this week?

Health funding

Hypothecated tax to fund health services

Conservatives 'literally rewriting history'


'We need to be dramatic - to be radical - to be incredibly bold”

Labour MP asked about party polling

Trading with the EU after Brexit

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan on new customs deal

Hannan looking back to previous forecasts

Friday 2 February

Cash: UK and the customs union or a customs union

Bill Cash v Zoe Williams

Harry Cole on Brexit

Chris Williamson on Carillion and Capita

Francis Maude on outsourcing

Francis Maude on Theresa May's leadership of Tory party

What is happening in Haringey?

Former Labour activist in Haringey, Nora Mulready

Labour MP on party issues on north London council

Mensch on President Trump

Former Tory MP on Trump's poll ratings

Political heroes: William Hague on Pitt the Younger

Thursday 1 February

Remain or Leave Westminster during repairs?

Do UK Poles thinks Brexit will change their life?

What was the effect on Poland of Poles heading to UK

Future of EU citizens in post-Brexit UK

What do EU leaders make of Brexit?

What happens to freedom of movement after Brexit?

MP and baby make case for proxy voting

Digital minister launches his eponymous app

UKIP's director of communications moving on

Who has been the best UKIP leader?

Wednesday 31 January

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Conservative leadership speculation

Votes for 16-year-olds will come says Conservative MP

Why questions on votes for 16-year-olds?

Where's the buzzer?

BBC deputy political editor on PMQs

Summing up PMQs

Questions on Labour Brexit position

Leak of Brexit estimates

Labour MP asked about Haringey issues

Conservative MP asked about PM's record

Tuesday 30 January

Debate: What does the NHS need?

Soapbox: Just promising more NHS money 'not good enough'

Should grey squirrels be culled?

Brexit update

Former Conservative Party vice chairman on Brexit

Conservative MP on leaked Brexit document

Conservative MP on UK's future EU relations

European Withdrawal Bill has its second reading on Tue and Wed

Tory peer on Brexit debate

Labour peer on Brexit debate

Headteacher and Worthless campaign's organiser Jules White.

Chris Philp on funding schools in England

Mike Kane on funding schools in England

Monday 29 January

Where should MPs and peers move to?

Where do Cat and Bim stand on where MPs should sit?

'UK can capitalise on free port opportunity'

Theresa May isn't short on advice from members of her own party

Conservative MP on advice over the PM's leadership

Newcastle City Council leader on NEC role in Haringey housing plan

Labour's opinion poll rating

What sort of customs union does Labour want?

Tory MP on achieving EU-UK trade deal

A member of the European Parliament's Brexit Steering Group

What's happening in Brussels?

The key issues that will be up for negotiation.

Sunday 28 January

Theresa Villiers on Brexit "being diluted"

Lord Callanan: Government not backsliding on Brexit

Are Momentum trying to take over Labour held councils?

Jon Trickett on Labour councils and the NEC

Friday 26 January

Should UK ban Hezbollah's political wing?

Corbyn's political hero: Mary Wollstonecraft

Investigating the ancestry of political leaders

Oxfam's message on equality

Challenging Oxfam's figures on equality

David Davis speech setting out gov't vision for transition period

Jenkin's message to the chancellor

Comparing UK links with other non-EU states

What should be PM do about the chancellor?

'I wonder whether the people who troll me on twitter have actually read what the chancellor said'

Why is PM 'slapping down' the chancellor?

Ed Vaizey asked about May, and replies about Johnson

Thursday 25 January

Is NHS England coping in the winter months?

NHS figures for England

Soapbox: 'Choice is not between Trident and nothing'

Debate: Scrap Trident? But what happens to the money?

Urgent Question in the Commons about the Presidents Club

Home Office appoints Muslim human rights campaigner to new commission

Sara Khan, appointed to lead a new commission to counter extremism

Peter Hitchens on the EU referendum

BBC business editor in Davos

Wednesday 24 January

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Questions and answers on Brexit

BBC political editor on David Davis before Brexit committee

How would Labour afford increased health spending?

Who's calling the DP studio?

NHS spending under Tories and Labour

Labour on ECJ, customs union and single market

Role of ECJ, customs union and single market after Brexit dates

PM to face PMQs and then off to Davos

Tuesday 23 January

Tory MPs on 'timdity' and 'dulldulldull' vision

Dull dull dull?

Customs union - in or out?

Tory MP on CBI backing for euro, ERM and against Brexit

UK and a customs union with the EU

What will happen to money raised by sugar tax?

Nutritionist and spokeswoman for the campaign group Action on Sugar

Labour NEC meets after election of three new members

Jackie Walker on anti-Semitism

“There is anti-Semitic language, there is racist language”

How can the Conservatives win over young voters?

Tory MP on Boris Johnson and NHS funding?

Monday 22 January

'Henry should realise game is up and go'

#MeToo 'overwhelming and dangerous'

Coming up in UK politics

Conservative MP on vice chairman's blog

Labour MP on Jared O'Mara investigation

Labour MP on John McDonnell comments

Revolt on backbenches over defence cuts?

Lord West on military funding

Warning about Russia

Labour MP on the NHS

Conservative MP on the NHS

Sunday 21 January

Could the House of Lords block Brexit?

Brexit: Adonis and Rees-Mogg go head to head

Shami Chakrabarti on Carillion

UKIP leader Henry Bolton on his future

Friday 19 January

Child refugees heading to the UK

What's happened in Europe this week?

The Irish message on Brexit and EU's future

European Commission declared itself a leader in the war on plastics

Irish MEP Mairead McGuinness who was by her PMs side on Wednesday

Irish MEP Mairead McGuinness on EU future

Tough times ahead predicts European Parliament vice president

Chair of the European Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee

Shadow home secretary on child refugees

Conservative MP on child refugees

Chairman of the Justice Select committee, Conservative MP Bob Neill on Warboys

David Gauke not going to challenge decision to release rapist

Thursday 18 January

Who wants to be an MP these days?

In graphics: Who wants to be an MP?

What's happened to the Rohingya refugees?

'What I have seen is an atrocity and genocide'

French MP asked: What does he want in return?

UK money for Calais

Health and Social Services Secretary in the Welsh government.

Looking at the Welsh NHS

Chief executive of the Israeli campaign group Bicom

London Correspondent for Le Monde Eric Albert

Blunt on child refugees coming to the UK

Former chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Anglo-French summit

Has PFI been a waste of money?

Wednesday 17 January

Andrew Neil's PMQs podcast

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

Minister asked about new deputy chair's vasectomy comments

Chi Onwurah on changes in the Labour NEC

Internal Labour party democracy

Why did the government keep giving Carillion contracts?

Tuesday 16 January

Do nations really need a government?

Soubry: Surprised and disappointed in Boris

Mood box: Is public ownership back in fashion?

Donald Tusk on Brexit: 'Our hearts are still open to you'

Nigel Evans on transition period

Have we reached Peak Mogg?

What another one? Another political podcast is out there.

Labour and Tory views on household debt

Inflation dropped slightly in December from 3.1% to 3%

Conservative MP asked if she is 'betraying' UK voters

MPs are back debating the EU withdrawal bill on Tuesday

Anna Soubry on private firms working on delivering public services

Mick Cash, general secretary of the RMT union

What's going on with Carillion contracts?

Monday 15 January

Film: 'Not everything is about you Great Britain'

Debate: German faces 'pompous' and 'self obsessed' Brits

What focus groups said about immigration

What's in the political diary this week?

Labour's NEC election result

Mandatory reselections?

Henry Boiton's future as UKIP leader

Another UKIP leadership election?

What has happened to Carillion?

Lib Dem leader on Carillion

Why was Carillion given more government contracts?

Sunday 14 January

What could UK's future trade relationship with the EU look like?

Barry Gardiner: Labour want similar EU benefits after Brexit

Caroline Nokes: We are going to bring net inward migration numbers down

UKIP Chairman on future of leader Henry Bolton

Friday 12 January

US elects famous candidates, but Britain does not

Facebook and Twitter effect on political leaders

UKIP leader Henry Bolton on private life coverage

UKIP leader on Farage and second Brexit vote comments

Peter Stringfellow on Conservatives, Brexit and election

Labour fire spokesman on standing down over council tax

Thursday 11 January

Do Conservative Party members feel valued?

Why is Farron reopening gay sex row?

Conservative reshuffle 'could have been more radical'

What was in the hamper for Barnier

How big is the Conservative party today?

Does size matter for political parties?

What would the Conservatives do about NHS funding in England?

What would Labour do about NHS figures?

Figures for the NHS in England

Will new environment policies win over voters for the Conservatives?

Wednesday 10 January

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

What happened to rumoured position of minister for Brexit no-deal?

Why the lynchmob for Toby Young,... but not for Jared O'Mara?

Clarification about the shadow chancellor on the Daily Politics

Labour and the customs union

Looking ahead to 2018 - Labour

What would Labour do to the NHS?

Looking ahead to 2018 - Conservative

Did the PM try to move her former leadership rival?

Was the PM set to move the health secretary?

Tuesday 9 January

Cabinet reshuffle update

What is the Trade Bill?

Looking at the Trade Bill: Jones

Looking at the Trade Bill: Malloch Brown

Malloch Brown looking at US/China/Korea diplomacy

A former vice president of Republicans Overseas

Looking back over President Trump's first year

MPs debate Toby Young appointment

Toby Young's appointment and departure

New Conservative deputy chairman on Toby Young appointment & departure

Media speculation about the reshuffle

New Tory party deputy chairman James Cleverly

Tuesday's front pages

Who is in and who is out of the Cabinet?

What about Theresa May's authority?

BBC political editor on the reshuffle - and future of Justine Greening

Monday 8 January

Farage: People now know Bolton's name

No deal 'would hurt Europe more than us'

UKIP MEP tells Michel Barnier about key issue in Brexit vote

What next on the road to Brexit?

When Nigel met Michel

SNP MP on cross-party working over Brexit

Labour reaction to SNP offer of cross-party talks

What elections are coming up around the globe?

Looking ahead to US elections

Soapbox: NHS 'system failure' needs 'radical change'

Debate: Dare we change the way health is funded?

Conservative MP on reshuffle

Conservative MP on moving cabinet 'big beasts'

Norman Smith in Downing Street - part one

Norman Smith in Downing Street - part two

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