New CCTV of Corbyn's 'traingate' journey published

image copyrightDouble Down News

New footage has been published of the "traingate" journey that triggered a row involving Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Richard Branson last year.

A year ago, Mr Corbyn was filmed sitting on the floor of a train he said was "ram-packed".

Virgin Trains then released CCTV images and footage it said showed the Labour leader walking past empty seats.

In the newly-released CCTV, people can be seen sitting on the floor between the carriages.

It was released by pro-Corbyn filmmaker Yannis Mendez, whose original film of the Labour leader sitting on the floor sparked the debate.

Mr Mendez made a request to Virgin for the CCTV in which he featured, and it has now been published by his Double Down News company.

The clash between the rail operator and Mr Corbyn's team took place during last summer's Labour leadership contest.

After Mr Corbyn used the overcrowding on the service to make his case for rail renationalisation, Virgin responded, saying he had walked past available seats and managed to find somewhere to sit later on.

On social media, where it has been shared thousands of times, supporters of the Labour leader have said the latest film backs up his comments about overcrowding on the London to Newcastle service.

"These are the CCTV clips Richard Branson didn't show you," the voiceover says, to footage of people sitting and lying on the floor between carriages.

The film also highlights that people could be seen sitting in some - although not all - of the apparently empty seats Mr Corbyn walked past.

image copyrightYannis Mendez
image captionMr Corbyn said he was experiencing a problem that was common to commuters

When questioned by journalists at the height of the row last year, the Labour leader said he had been looking for two empty seats together so he could sit with his wife.

Virgin Trains has not disputed the service was crowded but said at the time it took issue with the suggestion Mr Corbyn had been unable to find a seat.

Neither Virgin Trains nor the Labour leadership have commented on the latest video.